How Men Fall In Love

Know When to Kiss Her

There are a few key moments when a women will be ready to be kissed. You must remember that not all women are the same. Some will make strong eye contact and have a big smile on their face, others might be a little nervous.

Dating, Courtship and Relationship

When dating, courting and having a relationship are three different things, but people tend to miss-up three act of friendship and love. Dating is an act of ASKING someone out, regardless of the gender. Courting is PERIOD of understanding each other. Relationship is an AGREEMENT between two or more people to do things together.

What Can I Do to Make Any Man Try Really Hard to Impress Me? Here Is What You Should Do

Since men are known for being visual creatures, it’s expected of them to want to see something that’s worthy of their time. If they’re not that attracted with someone or something, then they won’t even dare show off. If you want a man to try extra hard to impress you, here’s what you need to do.

How to Know If a Guy Will Miss You If You Provide Him Space and Avoid Him a Bit – Follow These Tips

When your man asks to go on a vacation (without you!), don’t you always have a nagging thought whether he actually thinks of you during that time? A lot of women are fearful that the man in their life would actually leave them once he asks for some space. But if you look at it from a different perspective, this is actually a chance for you to let him miss you.

My Boyfriend Stopped Talking to Me Out of the Blue! Follow This Advice Right Away

You wonder at the sudden silence that has overcome your boyfriend of late. What could the reason for this sudden silence be? Let us investigate what it means when your boyfriend just stops talking to you.

What Are the Signs That He Is Physically Attracted to Me? Now You Will Know How He Truly Feels

Usually men are not comfortable when expressing themselves and their feelings. While they might not spell out, there are many signs and hints that speak up for them. You have to be smart enough to catch these signals. If you are not sure that he is attracted to you, follow these tips to get all your answers.

7 Ways to Prompt a Guy to Propose! Here Is How to Inspire Him to Take It to the Next Level

When you want your relationship to go to the next level then you can either wait it out impatiently or prompt your man to make him see that he needs to propose. If you want to prompt your man to propose to you then here are a few ways to do so.

Do You Want to Seduce Your Man? Here Are Some Tricks Which Will Show You Exactly What to Do

Whether you are dating or in a blissful marriage, you need to spice up your relationship to keep the love quotient high. Think back, when the relationship was new, how eager and enthusiastic you were to please him. To keep the passions high, follow these tricks.

Why Do My Relationships With Guys Always End Up Being Messed? Here Are the Reasons Why

Some women are relationship disasters. If you see that you are becoming one and cannot hold on to any relationship then you need to get to work to identify why that is happening. Here are a few reasons because of which you could be messing up your relationships with men.

Choosing the Best Date Conversation Topics

A lot of people, especially men, find it difficult to come up with interesting date conversation topics even when they’ve been dating for years. This is true, most of all, for first dates, when you have only a vague idea of what your date’s interests are.

How Do You Know When a Man Is Going to Propose? Here Is How to Figure Out the Timing Instantly

When men get ready to propose they start to drop subtle hints. Most of the times they do so unknowingly as they would really want to surprise you. But if you want to know when a man is going propose then read on.

Can Prayer Make a Better Relationship?

I know, most of us cross our legs when we think about GOD and sex simultaneously, so surely it’s a stretch to imagine praying could be spicy. And then there are those of us who a long time ago made the separation between church and mate and don’t give it a thought.

How to Know If a Guy Is Happy With You? Now You Will Know What He Truly Thinks About You

Your relationship has reached a stage where it has begun to stagnate and you see no movement in it. Agreed the equation between the two of you is great and the sex is great too, but you still feel that it is not moving towards its logical conclusion. If this has been your case then you will have to find out your boyfriends views without offending him or upsetting the apple cart. Here is how you can do this without causing any damage.

How to Background Check Potential Mates

You can never be too careful. There are crazies afoot, don’t ya know? And if you happen to have just started dating someone or are interested in doing so, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to be sure that he or she isn’t liable to harm you in any way.

Astrology Love Match: Find Out Who Your Match Is

Have you considered trying an astrology love match test or having a natal chart drawn up for yourself? Do you wonder whether there is anything to this age old method of divination? Could the cosmos really carry the answers to life’s greatest questions and help you find a lasting love? Throughout the ages, people have used astrology love match techniques to discover who they should spend their lives with. You can try it too – often, it is completely free!

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