How To Go From “Friends” To “Officially Dating”

What to Do If Your Man Is Always Making Fun of You? Here Are the Steps You Must Put Into Action

It’s hurtful to be taunted by the very man that you love. It’s alright to joke around and have fun sometimes but when you become the butt of the joke, it’s sure to end badly. So what should you do the moment he starts making fun of you all the time?

Will Being Mysterious Make a Guy Want Me? Learn If Mystery Will Actually Help You Get What You Want

It has always been suggested that a woman has to be mysterious in order for a man to appreciate her. Have you ever wondered if this is really effective? Or would he just move on to the next girl because you’re too hard to figure out?

Why Do Guys Stop Liking Me After a While? Now You Will Be Able to Figure Out Why This Happens

There has to be a very strong reason if a man suddenly stops liking you. Imagine spending great moments with him and in the end, you see these gone to waste! And if you keep going through this rut with the men that you’ve dated, then what do you think is wrong?

Do Men Love to Chase Women Who Are Too Hard to Please? Now You Will Get the Complete Scoop on This

There’s an ongoing debate when it comes to a woman playing a little hard to get for any man. Should she or should she not do it? Are men really drawn towards a woman who holds off a bit longer? Or do they admire those who get what they want?

Why Would a Guy Lose Interest in You All of a Sudden? What Really Causes This? Know the Reasons

Isn’t it a wonderful feeling to be admired by the very man that you also feel strongly for? Look back at all those moments that you’ve spent with him – was he totally into you? Or were you the only one who felt something deep? Why would a guy who seemed interested at first, suddenly lose interest in you?

How to Test a Man to Know If He Loves You? You Will Know How Genuine His Love Is After This Point

As a woman, isn’t it your fondest wish to know whether the man you’re actually dating is also in love with you? You have a very good reason for wanting to know this because wasting years on a man who doesn’t take you seriously is something that you would need to avoid. Here are 7 great tips on how to test your man’s feelings for you…

How Can I Tease a Man’s Imagination? Here Is What You Can Do to Easily Excite His Senses

The whole world knows that men love having sex. In fact, too many of them are preoccupied with this thought. So it’s easy to bed them but to tease their imagination is a completely different arena.

Is He Really Emotionally Attached to Me? Here Is How You Can Easily Figure It Out Instantly

Sometimes you just want to be sure if a man really has an emotional attachment with you or if your relationship is still at a very superficial level. Since you cannot ask this question aloud you will need to learn to read a few signals that can clear your doubts. Here are a few ways to find out if a guy has an emotional attachment with you.

Does He Just Want to Sleep With Me? Here Is How to Know What’s Truly on His Mind Right Now

Being a single woman in the dating game is not an easy job. There are so many men simply waiting to take advantage of your vulnerability and use you. If you want to be sure of a guy before you invest emotionally then you need to be open to the signals that players who just want to sleep with you give out. Here are a few ways to tell if he just wants to sleep with you.

Do Men Really Want a Woman Who Is Hard to Get? Do They Enjoy the Chase? Follow This Now

When a woman plays hard to get it stimulates the latent instinct in men to fight for mating rights. However, in the times we live in it is not necessarily true and some men do not chase divas as they feel that it is a waste of time. But an overwhelming majority still falls prey and here are some reasons why some fall while others don’t.

7 Clever Ways to Deal With Boyfriend Who Doesn’t Listen! Now He Will Be More Attentive to You

Your boyfriend will always want to show you that he is the boss. But that really cannot be an unsaid rule. You too need to be heard sometimes. But how do you do this? Here are some clever ways to deal with a boyfriend who doesn’t listen.

He Is Starting to Lose Interest in Me and I Can Sense He Is Already Bored! Here Is What You Must Do

Are you scared that your boyfriend seems to be losing interest in you? Well, just being scared and worried is not going to help you. Doing something positive about it will! Here are some steps that will help you turn the situation around and make him crazy about you again.

Has He Lost Interest in Me? Here Is How to Get Him to Tell You How He Presently Feels About You

Usually just watching your man’s body language will let you know if he is losing interest in you or not! There are hundreds of ways to know the truth. All you have to do is watch his eyes, mouth and hands which are expressive tools that convey their feelings and emotions. However, you could also ask him the following and check how he reacts!

How to Please a Man Without Actually Giving Him Sex? Here Are the Tips You Can Use Right Now

Men and sex – it’s a small wonder why these two aspects seem to be knotted together. They say that if you want to please a man, you’ve got to give him unforgettable sexual pleasures. But would you like to know other ways of making him feel pleased? You might be surprised that it doesn’t have to be sex, sex, sex all the time.

How to Make a Man Think About You Day and Night? He Won’t Be Able to Take You Off His Mind Anymore

Love is a most wonderful feeling but it can also be overwhelming. This is so because you could end up thinking about your man day in and day out. Do you sometimes wonder how fleeting time could be when you begin to think about your man? If you want to share this exhilarating feeling with him, here are ways that you could make him think about you non-stop:

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