Mistakes that ruin a date (everyone is guilty of #4!)

How to Get Him Obsessed With Me! Here Are the Keys to Getting Him Intensely Attracted to You

Being in love has its perks and one of them is to feel loved by the very person that you also feel strongly for. But is it okay to be contented with just being loved? Would you want your loved one to be obsessed with you? Here are ways to achieve just that:

How to Know If a Guy Already Has a Girlfriend! Now You Will Be Able to Figure It Out Quickly

There are a lot of jerks who are out to make women cry. Some may do it willfully while others just fall because of mere weakness. So how do you stay out of the path of such a man? And are there really telltale signs of a man who’s already committed to a different woman?

7 Tips to Instant Success With Men! Here Is What Every Woman Should Know in Order to Succeed

It’s man’s greatest desire to love and be loved by the very person that he loves. As a woman, it should be your goal to snag the best guy there is before the rest of the pack even catches a whiff of him. Here are some essential tips which will help you succeed with men…

How to Know If a Guy Is Interested When He Is Sending Out Mixed Signals? Here Is How to Read Him

Men can be as perplexing as women at times. The world often believes that men are less complicated than the fairer species but this doesn’t seem to be true all the time. There can be guys who would hound you till they get what they want while there are those who are too shy to even strike a conversation. So does the guy you want also like you back?

How Do I Get a Man to Chase Me Instead of Me Being the One Chasing Him? Here Is How to Do It

Have you noticed that you’ve been the one running after your man for the longest time? Do you notice that you’re the one who’s making the most phone calls and the most invites when it comes to going out on a date? You’re a woman and you don’t deserve any of this at all. Here’s how you can reverse the roles that you’ve been playing:

Ignoring Your Way To A Woman’s Heart

Do you find it confusing? How can ignoring help you win a woman’s heart? Well, do not take it too literally because this does not necessarily mean that you should ignore her completely. Keep in mind that women like attention as well but not too much that they end up feeling trapped. What the title meant is that you ignore some aspects in order to be able to focus on the goal or the prize.

Sparking Attraction By Getting Into Her Mind

The most common mistake that you commit when out meeting girls is you tend to focus on their impression. You are so worried at how they look at you that you tend to forget about them completely. You act as if you are walking on a tight rope, so afraid to making a mistake. Unfortunately, a woman can tell whether you are comfortable or not or being uptight and being uptight is not a good thing.

The Fallacies That Hinder You From Attracting Women

Attraction cannot be explained in one sentence. In fact, it cannot be explained thoroughly in one paragraph. Some experts can write several books about attraction and yet the readers still find themselves confused and unable to grasp the whole point. To add to the confusion, are the myths or fallacies surrounding the act of attracting women, which many believe is true.

Online Love and Long Distance Relationship Advice

When couples meet online through a dating website, such as one where a good old American man would meet a nice lady half way across the country, the long distance relationship advice will become all the more vital for them. Having a relationship is never easy, and this is a relationship where a couple would see each other every blue moon.

Getting a Perfect Match Through a Christian Matchmaker

A Christian matchmaker may come in the form of a dating site for Christian singles or through an actual professional from an agency focused on matching up Christian couples. This strategy has been considered acceptable among many singles, no matter what religion, because it focuses on matching up couples who share similar values.

How to Avoid Just Being a Fling to Him! Do These Things If You Want Him to Treat You Differently

It’s painful for a woman to know that the man she loves actually considers her only as a fling, one that’s to be taken lightly, one that’s dispensable. If you want to become the one for your man, here’s how you could make him take you more seriously: Be clear about what you want from the onset. Just be frank about what you expect from him.

Dating Tips For Men And Women

Dating is never easy, and requires understanding and communication. Because men and women are different, this article will be split into two parts, and examine dating tips for men separately to dating tips for women.

Hitting On a Girl

Flirting is derived from the feeling of letting loose and communicating with someone from the opposite sex in a more sensual and private way. The sexual tension is obvious but all you do is let the body language and eye contact do the talking. Flirting is one way of boosting your self-confidence and your social life.

Making the Perfect Christian Match

There is nothing more fulfilling than to make a great Christian match among Christian singles. Since many of these singles have very specific needs in a partner, it can be difficult to find them a perfect mate. However, with the Christian match websites and matchmaking services that can be found on and offline, bringing Christian couples together has become a reality.

I Am Addicted To Love – How to Get Over Love Addiction

Have you ever felt incomplete when you’re not in a relationship? Do you fall in love with the next guy you meet because you find him attractive? Do you stay in a relationship with someone just for the sake of having a boyfriend, even if he doesn’t treat you right? Don’t be angry at yourself because I also feel that way.

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