5 Reasons Why Your Love Life Is Stagnating and Not Going Anywhere !

Break Away From Transitioning

We spend so much time thinking about the different transitions in our game. The problem with this is that it can ruin our fluidity and sometimes, we become so eager to transitioning to getting her into the seduction stage and we employ the same routines for all the women we meet all the time. The best transition is when there is actually no transition.

Phases Of Attraction

The phases of attraction can be divided into two: the first one is how to be accepted in her company and the second is how to make her want to keep you. There is a process that can be followed if you want to effectively meet attractive women. You cannot expect miracles to happen and have all the ladies flocking around not unless you look like a movie star or as rich as Trump. If you are an average looking Joe, you have to improve on your wit and imagination.

Getting Away With Observational Transitioning

It can’t be helped that sometimes, we hit a road block when meeting women. Fear may be one of the factors that make us look lame with our opener thus making the entire conversation lame. When we try to dish out a subject, we want to act natural but sometimes, we become shy because we feel like we are being scrutinized by the attractive girl who is in front of us. It is very easy to be bogged down with negativity thinking of things that have not happened yet. Sometimes we make the mistake of assuming that the girl feels differently for us even before we have introduced ourselves. This is simply not a productive attitude.

Why Men Do (And Don’t) Love “Bitches”

There is a lot of talk about why “bitches” get ahead in the media today. Well here’s a nice summary of just what men do and do not love about “bitch” qualities in a woman.

Do You Want to Always Keep Your Man? 7 Things You Have to Do in Order to Make It Happen

Today many relationships break up and are a complete failure because of the fact that the woman does not do her best to keep her man happy and contented with her. She becomes complacent and lackadaisical and thus loses out in the end. If you want to keep your man forever, follow these tips.

Pherazone – Potent Pheromones That Smell Great for Dating or Relationships

I have been using Pherazone pheromones for awhile and wanted to share some experiences I have had with it. First off, it smells great and you can definitely feel the potency in this one. It has about 18 mgs of pheromone content which actually makes it known for its high pheromone content in the market today.

Over 40 Relationship Tips – Your Internal Voice Can Be Holding You Back

That inner voice you have can be the biggest reason that most women don’t have the success in finding a relationship that they want. It is that voice that says: your not pretty enough, you will always be single, wondering what he is really thinking, etc. If you think negatively about yourself, others will pick up on your negativity and respond by mirroring your negative self-perception. In other words, people will think about you in the same way that you think about yourself.

Over 40 Relationship Advice for Women – Infatuation or Real Love?

Dating in today’s world seems to be much more about infatuation than love. Infatuation or falling for someone is easy, but staying in love -real love takes work. Most of us have taken the easy route to relationships.

Second Date Tips and Ideas to Consider

Getting a second date is usually the main goal on the first date. When you get a second date, this typically means that the first date was a successful one or the both of you really hit it off, otherwise she would not have said yes to a second meeting. Just like the first date, there are a completely different set of second date tips and ideas that you can learn to make that sophomore date experience more enjoyable, instead of a nerve wracking one.

Age Gaps

Age isn’t, and shouldn’t always be an issue in relationships, and many couples span the generations without any significant hitches. But there’s no denying that it is a factor when you’re somewhat younger.

2010 Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend

Choosing the Xmas gifts for her, can be a hard task, if you don’t know about what she likes. There are numerous choices, when comes to buy gifts for your lover, you have to just realize what your girlfriend has been seeking for a long time. A woman loves a man who is creative and innovative.

How Attractive Are You To Women

Do women find you attractive? Want to have more girls around you? Find out how.

What Can You Do in Order to Make Your Guy Finally Propose? 7 Tips Which Will Guide You Well

You have a great relationship going and you feel it is time to think about making it permanent. But if you do not see your boyfriend feeling the same, then you need to take things in your hand and drop hints so that he starts to think in that direction. Here’s what you can do.

Do You Want Your Man to Always Be Pleased in Your Company? 7 Things Which Will Help You Here

When you want your relationship to be successful you have to make sure that your man is happy in the relationship. Here are a few great ways to keep your man hooked on to you and happy in the relationship that he is in.

How to Know If a Girl Likes You

Dating is very hard, there are lots of diverse examples to be thought of, but we’ll think in general for you visitors. So how to know if a girl really wants you? Try the following tips and signs to look out for that I’ve posted beneath.

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