Am I asking for too much or am I asking the wrong person?

Cheap Date Ideas: 3 Ways for Students to Impress Their Dates

When we’re on a date, we’re in an interesting position where we want to have a great time, but we don’t want to spend money to have it. As college students, we’re already poor, and going on expensive dates only makes us poorer. We don’t want to spend money, but we feel somewhat obligated to do just that.

Three Dating Relationships Tips That Every Man Must Abide By To Date Successfully

Do you want to improve your chances of succeeding in getting a beautiful woman? Then, use my 5 dating relationships tips below. Dating is not something you should just do without thinking in advance about how you want to do it- unless of course you are fond of wasting time.

The Fine Art of How to Pick Up a Girl at a Club

When people talk about the best place to pick up girls, they usually name bars and clubs in the same breath. In fact, there is a lot of difference between a bar scene and the scene at clubs. Similarly, picking up girls at clubs is a lot different too. A lot also depends on the type of club you are visiting.

Useful Tips on How to Pick Up Women at A Bar

If you want to know how to pick up women at a bar, the first thing you need to understand is that it is no good to use those cheesy pick up lines. Women who frequent bars already know all of them and do not fall for them.

What to Do When a Guy Ignored You! Best Solutions to Making the Guy See You in a Different Light

As a woman, it’s very difficult to accept the fact that a guy wouldn’t even look your way. If a certain man that you’re eyeing seems to be ignoring you, don’t fret. Keep in mind that there are always ways to make him take notice.

Five Simple Steps to Getting Back Together With Your Ex Girlfriend

Do you want to know how to get your ex girlfriend back into your arms. It’s not as difficult as you might think and there are a just a few steps that you have to follow. Do these steps and you will have more success than just making it up as you go along. Breaking up happens to even the closest couples, but breakups don’t have to last forever. Look over these five steps that show you how to subtlety hint to your ex girlfriend that you still want to be a permanent part of her life. And more importantly, that you want to rekindle your relationship anew.

How Do You Know If You Are a Man Magnet? Unravel the Key Characteristics of an Enigmatic Woman

Something always separates a woman who is sought after by men and one who is just left by the sidelines. The successful ones all have certain characteristics that make them stand out. If you want to know these traits, better read on.

Attracting Women – Understanding the Basic Principles and How To Apply Them

One of the major question I’m being asked recently is “what do I have to do in order to attract more women”. Well, the first thing to realize is that attracting women can’t be summarized into a single article and will definitely require much practice on your behalf, however…

Online Dating in 2011

Dating sites have the upper hand over real life meeting scenarios in a number of ways. Why some prejudices against Internet dating are unfounded.

How to Use Your Sexuality to Get a Man – Here Are the 7 Exciting Details You Must Know

Women are more skilled when it comes to using their sexuality to attract a man. This is because they are believed to be the fairest creatures of creation and so they have the innate ability to attract the opposite sex. So how, exactly, do you use your sexuality to entice the man of your dreams?

Meeting Women in Bookstores

It’s time to stop complaining that you don’t know where to meet the girls. You can meet girls just about anywhere. Every place you go presents an opportunity to meet girls. The main reason why you are unable to meet girls is not because girls are not there, but because you fail to make yourself available when the opportunity presents itself. One of the best places to meet girls is at the bookstore, in case you have not noticed.

Dating Advice: Keep the Fire Burning!

If you’ve met someone special and hope to get closer, the first few weeks you’re together are the most crucial in predicting whether you’ll form an enduring relationship. During this time, the chemistry and passion will either blossom and take you both to cloud nine where you’ll bond closely, or the flame will fizzle out and die. Heed the tips below if you hope to keep the fire burning.

Trick Her in a Conversation With the Blond Hair Opener

Girls are very particular about how they look. They are used to gracing the salons and they can be very vocal about how they have gotten their hair dyed, nails polished and so on. This subject is very interesting to them that’s why the blond opener is effective.

How to Use The Blind Date Opener Effectively

What do you usually say when you walk up to a girl? Instead of just saying “Hi,” why don’t you try the blind date opener? It gives you reason to talk to her or her group and you can even get her opinion on the matter.

Men’s Take on Breasts

Let’s face it- men are into boobs. To the ladies, it is a part of their body whether they like it or not. There are those who are unhappy with what God endowed them with while some are not afraid to flaunt their assets. To us guys however, it is an object of interest and they can make us fixate on our thoughts making us sigh involuntarily and even make us stray from looking at the woman’s eyes.

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