5 Reasons You Should Not Entertain A Situationship

Is He Physically Into Me or Not? Now You Will Know If He Really Wants You Physically or Not

It’s easy for a woman to get confused with a man’s feelings for her. Though women can be very good at reading emotions most of the time, this skill is compromised once she has to see past the façade of a man she loves.

The Effect of Wealth On Attraction

Does wealth have an effect on women? Does it make men more attractive? The answer to both questions is yes. Yes, wealth does have an effect on women and yes, it does make men more attractive. Then you ask yourself, why? Why are women attracted to wealthy men? You probably come up with the answer of value. You think that the reason why women are drawn to rich men is that their wealth adds up to their social value, this in connection to a woman’s preference to men of high value.

If You Don’t Know Where You Stand With Him

If you are dating a guy and you don’t know where you stand with him, you aren’t alone. Guys can send all kinds of mixed signals. It’s confusing as crap to say the least.

He’s Not Sure If He Loves Me – How to Make Him Feel Closer to You

“He’s not sure if he loves me!” Ouch. Saying that hurts. Knowing that the man you are absolutely wild about isn’t sure he cares for you is painful.

How to Become a Guy Magnet! 7 Steps Which Will Transform You Into an Effective Guy Magnet Fast

Every girl would want to know that she has the capacity to attract any man she wants. Yet if you see a bunch of guys not turning their heads to look at you even when you’re dressed to a T, then there must be something really, really wrong. Here’s how to magnetize that man that you truly want…

Why You Are Still Single

Successful single women from all over the globe contact me with the same question, “I’m a catch, so why am I still single?” I hear it so often that I wanted to write an article to help answer the question once and for all for you.

Italian Dating: When You Look Them in the Eyes

They say that the eyes are the windows of the soul. So how do you tell that your Italian singles has indeed fallen for you? Just look at his eyes and you will get to know the truth behind his words.

Ways to Read His Body Language (Code)

Is that a player, or a keeper? Don’t depend on words! There are signals sends by his body!

Making A Good First Impression When Approaching Women

Want to learn how to make a good first impression on girls? This article gives you 3 ideas on how to make your first impression really count.

Do You Want to Seduce Your Man Effectively? If Yes, Here Are Some Tips You Don’t Want to Miss

Whether you’re in a new relationship and you’re looking for seductive ways to impress your man, or if you’re trying to rekindle a dying passion, you are definitely eager to turn the heat on. The sexiest and most tempting women get to keep their men – keep that in mind – so be ready to learn these tricks that would leave him drooling for more of you: Believe that you’re absolutely tempting. It will be a little hard to convince him that you’re sexy or tempting if you don’t even believe it yourself.

Don’t Worry When Your Boyfriend Looks at Other Girls

Are you asking, “why does my boyfriend look at other girls?” It’s automatic for him to look. There is usually nothing to worry about.

Did Your Boyfriend Stop Talking to You? Learn What Could Be the Real Message Behind This Action

A man who suddenly stops talking to you could mean many different things. Don’t think that it’s all negative, though. There are just some moments when guys can be so hard to understand so don’t be too hard on yourself by thinking that it’s all your fault. Here are some possible reasons why he’s not that chatty lately…

4 Misconceptions Guys Have About Dating

There are big misconceptions guys have about dating, and those could lead to big problems. In this article you can learn what to avoid and what not to avoid when meeting a girl.

The Best Ways to Create Attraction With Women

I’d like to tell you about something that happened to me which I feel you probably can identify with yourself. You see at one time I was particularly attracted to this girl and the more I got to know her the more I felt attracted to her. After a while this grew into a deep emotional attachment for her. However, as my emotional attachment grew so did my feelings of insecurity! I could not figure out if she felt the same way about me or pick up on any signs of her showing that she did.

First Face to Face Date After Meeting Online

This article gives tips on where to take first date after meeting on line. It also gives some advices and tips on what to do and what not to do on first to do on first date.

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