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Dating Singles Can Easily Run a Criminal Records Search

More and more singles are using online dating websites to meet potential mates. But how many of them are protecting themselves from criminals, predators and frauds? Find out how easy it is to do…

What Are the Risks and Benefits of Internet Dating?

Online dating provides a relatively anonymous environment to meet people and more people are using these websites to meet potential dates or partners. But do you know how to protect yourself from criminals, predators and frauds? Find out how right now.

Is My Boyfriend Just Keeping Me Around for Sex and Won’t Ever Commit to Me? Learn the Truth Today

Women generally think about their relationships more than men do. They’re the ones who often ponder on the nature and status of the relationship – whether it’s serious or just a casual fling, whether the guy is committed or just having fun, whether it’s her, or just the sex.

How to Get Over Rejection

For most of us, being rejected by another person hurts a lot. However, it doesn’t have to. Rejection can be a lot less painful if you know how to deal with it effectively.

You’ve Met The Person You Want To Date – Now What?

You’ve located a person who you want to go out with. It could have been a variety of ways that you may have met the person. But when you go out you want to be able to not get those big dreams in your head and make sure that your feet are solid and on the ground. See real life isn’t anything like what you see in movies, but it can be a lot harder and more difficult.

Fashion, Being Different, and Attraction

Are you one of those guys who have attended all the workshops on picking up girls? Are you one of those who memorized all the lines to say when trying to hook up a date? Are you one of those men who mastered all the moves yet still end up rejected? If your answer is yes, have you ever asked yourself why all these things are happening to you? Have you asked yourself why despite all the efforts these women immediately reject you even before you uttered your first word? There is probably nothing wrong with your lines or your moves, but have you checked your appearance? Did you pay attention to the clothes you wear or the haircut you sport? If not, then that is most likely the problem.

Attracting Women By Being The Alpha Male

There are many misconceptions regarding the terms “alpha male”. In fact, some have wrongly associated this term to violence. Men who are misinformed believed that the essence of being an alpha male is manipulation and being domineering. Therefore, these men end up treating women as if they are objects to be possessed. They do not value women and they view women as commodity, the kind that can be replaced once they are tired of it.

Dominant Versus Domineering: Which Is More Attractive To Women

The goal here is to make you dominant over your woman without being domineering. If you are confused, let me clarify it to you that there is a huge difference between being dominant and being domineering. You want to be dominant but the last thing you want to be is being domineering. Why is being dominant important in a relationship or during the dating phase? This is because women like to look up to their men. They like to see their men as a strong and stable foundation that they can lean on. A man they cannot manipulate easily. A man that knows what he is doing and goes for it. If your woman sees you this way, you will earn her respect. She will respect you because you are strong.

How Not to Act Clingy After Sleeping With Him? Here Is How to Control Your Emotions Around Him

Ever wonder why you feel so attached to him after your first night together? Well, contrary to what most men think, a woman’s compulsion to be closer to a guy she’s slept with generally does not reflect a psychological problem. It’s more of a product of the hormone oxytocin, which is released in the body during sex.

Finding Yourself After Dating Workshops

There are wide arrays of reasons why some men attend dating workshops. However, the most common reason is to find help in improving their game. Typically, men who get rejected all the time enroll themselves in these workshops hoping that the experts manning these sessions can help them improve their inner game.

Success With Women – Signs of a Weak Man

Use these signs and symptoms to scan yourself regularly and see whether you are becoming a man that women love to be around or a little boy that women will hate and avoid. Do you have any of these signs and symptoms?

The Role Of Self-Acceptance To Attracting Women

Men are hardwired to be drawn to women. No matter how hard you try to resist this you can do nothing because, it is in your nature. It is embedded in your genetic code. Attraction to women is not like a switch that you can turn on or off. When a beautiful woman is sitting across the room and you happen to catch a glimpse of her you will then begin to feel the urge to come up to her, introduce yourself, and probably ask her on a date. You begin to feel this strange sensation towards her. My friend that is what I call attraction. However, the question lies…

The Ill Effects Of Being A Social Robot With Women

If you are a guy there are times when get to pre-occupied with the idea of landing a hot date. There are also times when you are obsessing on the moves that you need to employ in order to make her look your way the next time you bump into each other a bar. Being pre-occupied with these thoughts are perfectly normal. However, the moment you begin to spend too much time devising strategies and techniques to attract her then that is something else.

Getting The Most Out Of Dating

You can use many techniques in order to catch a woman’s attention. You may have developed these techniques on your own or someone taught you. However, these do not guarantee your success. You need to understand that there is still a chance the she will reject you and even walk away from you the moment she sees you approaching.

Date Ideas and Dating Advice

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