3 Habits Beta Males Have

Finding That Special Soulmate

From an early age we all believe that out there is a special person for us, our soulmate, the only person who will truly understand us and the one that we are meant to be with forever. Dreaming is easy and leaving things to fate is risky, so how do you go about finding this soulmate? Fate definitely needs a helping hand.

Easy Ways to Jazz Up Date Night

Every couple instinctively knows how important it is to set aside time on a regular basis to touch base, reconnect, and have fun with each other. After all-and in case you missed the memo–one of the biggest advantages of long-term committed relationships is that they should be fun! However, as life’s obligations pile up, planning and organizing a date night can feel like, well, yet another thing to add to your growing to-do list. And let’s face it, after a while, date nights can feel so routine. No more! Here are a few tips that will help take you from being a “zero” to a “hero” in your relationship.

The Intellectual Appetite and Online Dating

The advent of niche online dating produces better selectivity and focus and improves the likelihood of meeting someone who is compatible. At the very least, narrowing the field down to a shared commonality of interests should ensure that two people will have something to talk about when they are out on their first date! However, a dating site that encourages an array of philosophical and intellectual interests would accomplish even more! Intellectual communication is more than a sharing of common interests; it involves the sharing of values and viewpoints along a wide spectrum of subjects from the arts to politics to spirituality and to the philosophy of life.

Differences in Male and Female Communication – Ways We Communicate

Do feel as though you and your partner need to communicate better? Do you sometimes feel like your partner is missing the message when you do communicate? Why is it so difficult for men and women to communicate effectively? What are the differences in male and female communication?

Good Ideas for Long Distance Relationship Gifts – What to Buy

Are you in a long distance relationship? Are you looking for gift ideas for your long distance relationship to bring the two of you closer together? Are you stumped in trying to figure out some good ideas for long distance relationship gifts? What are some good gift ideas?

True Love Quiz – How to Tell If He Is the One

How do you test the love that your man has for you? Do you believe in such things as a true love quiz? What kind of questions should be asked and answered on a true love quiz? What if the answers aren’t what you hoped for?

How to Make Him Love You – Ways to Get to His Heart

How can you make him love you? Are you in love with a guy and want him to be in love with you as well? What are the steps to making a guy love you?

How To Make Her Want You More In 3 Easy Steps

All over the world, many men are finding that their female counterparts are giving them less and less attention and importance as time goes by. If you want to know how to make her want you more, then read this article.

All About Love Match Tests – How to Find Your Soul Mate

What exactly is a love match test? Where do you find a love match test? Are love match tests any really good at seeing if the two of you are a good fit with one another?

How to Find the Perfect Match

Finding the perfect match is not very hard to do. It begins with personality, which has a lot to do with your birth order. Which birth order personality is compatible with yours will be the key factor in helping you to find the perfect match.

Why Cant I Get a Girlfriend? – Best Answers

Most men ask themselves, “why cant I get a girlfriend?” This was the exact same question that I had a not too long ago. Then, I came to discover that I was doing almost everything wrong. To save you the trouble, I’ve come up with a list of the most common reasons of why you might have the “why cant I get a girlfriend?” problem.

How To Cure Oneitis

What is oneitis? In the pickup community, oneitis is basically a condition disease where a guy obsesses over a certain girl and has a want for her so intense that it’s excruciatingly painful. The problem with oneitis is that the girl usually doesn’t share the same feelings as the guy does. This only adds to the pain because no matter what the guy does to try to get the girl, he almost never ends up getting his oneitis.

College Flirting Tips For Guys

When you’re in college, the reality is that learning effective college flirting techniques are more important than learning how to pass your first year writing classes. Why? Because college is where roughly 50% of all college students will find their future partner/spouse.

First Date Conversation Starters For Men

First date conversation starters starts with first knowing what topics you should talk about and what subjects you shouldn’t talk about. You’ll want to make your first date conversation light, fun, interactive, and relevant. So, you’ll want to avoid topics like politics, religion, work, and family problems. Why talk about those subjects when you can talk about passions, hobbies, interests and commonalities?

Basic Signs for How to Tell If a Girl Likes You

Most men look out for specific signs of “how to tell if a girl likes you,” before they actually pursue women. These signs somehow give men the confidence they need to assure that their effort is worthwhile. Well, the thing is, you don’t really need to know everything there is to know on how to tell if a girl likes you. All you have to know are the basic signs regardless if you think she’s doing it consciously or unconsciously.

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