How To Develop Social Skills To Attract “High-Quality” Women

The Dating Game – Why Hasn’t He Called?

Well there may be many reasons for why you are asking this question. The first and probably the least most common reason is that he didn’t like you and has no intention of calling you. The second could be that he is a spineless jerk who was just using you, or is seeing what he can get you to do. These two are very uncommon but they do happen so don’t let them.

Sex, Drugs and Sausage Rolls

The hype of celebrity relationships brings about a euphoria and excitement in us that we ourselves long for. For example the reason that we love films with a happy ending is because we ourselves sometimes feel like we are the stars of our own movie and we long for our own happy ending. So the sex drugs and no sausage rolls policy of the modern day woman have to be modified from the movie version to the reality version.

Spontaneity – The Key to An Exciting Relationship

Spontaneity is the most important aspect of the start of a relationship, keep things exciting by keeping her on her toes. If you never let her settle she’ll feel like the whole thing is a big adventure that allows her to see your fun and most notably sensitive side.

Having Time for You and Your Partner

Make time for your partner, it is so crucial that you make time for her and she will then treat you with the same respect and your relationship will never feel rushed or be put under any pressure. If you don’t live together then it can be quite hard to make time for each other all the time but it is important that you try your best to give what hours you have out of work and time with your friends to each other.

Dating Is Like a Game of Poker

Dating just like a song made by a famous singer really is about having a poker face. In fact the whole dating game can be referenced into a game of poker. First of all you start off with some chips, which in this instance we will call your heart. How many of those chips you want to gamble on the first hand is up to you, you can put out a gentle teaser in order to try and tempt the other player to raise his stakes, or you can just call what he puts in and play it safe.

How To Make Your Online Dating Profile Sing

It is a fact that online dating profiles paint a mind picture of you even before you make your first direct contact. For example, your prospective lover will see you from your best view and have a fairly accurate idea of your age and whether or not you are a runner or a couch potato.

Why a Man Disappears After Saying I Love You

Doesn’t it feel amazing when a man you really care about finally does what you’ve been dreaming about for weeks – and says “I love you” for the first time? It feels like you are in heaven, and unconsciously, you start to imagine a future with him in it. And for awhile, your relationship continues to progress. But suddenly, without a warning, he disappears – no texts, calls, emails or IMs. And for a few days, you rationalize that he’s just busy but when it’s been a week, there’s no denying that he’s really seemed to run off this time.

Why a Man Disappears After Having a Good Time With You

You had a wonderful date with him. The two of you were laughing, smiling, and he genuinely seemed to be having lots of fun. And he probably even said “Let’s do this again sometime.” But after a few days of not hearing from him, something seems wrong and you can’t help but wonder why a man disappears after having a good time with you?

25 Questions That Every Woman Should Ask A Man: Essential Dating Advice For Women

You may not realize it, but there are certain things which a woman should ask a man in order to set the pace, boundaries, and direction of a relationship. Women, who fail to ask the right questions, always end up getting strung along in a relationship.

Tips for Successful Group Dating Experiences With Singles

Dating is fun and interacting with a group of singles is even more exciting and fun-filled. Instead of trying bogus online dating websites it’s time for some real experiences to meet new people at face value.

Simple Dating Tips on How to Turn a Friend Into a Girlfriend

The most common question men like to ask in dating ever since the beginning of time: how do I turn a friend into a lover? Is it even possible? The answer is simple to the point it baffles most men… it is all a matter of knowing when and how to play it right with any girl, any time and anywhere!

Dating After Divorce: Be Positive To Find Love

I’m here to offer some words of advice to all of you women who find yourself dating after divorce: keep a positive attitude. Too many times I encounter women who are newly divorced, or have been divorced for decades that say and constantly think negative thoughts about themselves and the possibility of finding a new romantic partner. If you want to find a date, a lover, or a husband you must change your attitude NOW!

How To Connect With Women

How to create an emotional connection with women? She will fall for you if there is an emotional connection.

What Do Men Find Attractive About Women – And How to Use This to Find a Lifelong Romantic Partner

When I hear the question: What do men find attractive about women? I know that I’m talking to someone who has forgotten about her natural beauty and ability to drive a man wild with passion and desire to give you the world. But it’s nothing to be ashamed of because the roles of men and women have become so blurred in today’s society.

How To Get a Girl’s Number: 5 Golden Rules to Avoid Rejection

Most guys get rejected when asking for a girl’s number because they ask for the number too early. They have not taken the time necessary to give the girl a reason for giving out her number. If you want to avoid rejection, follow these 5 Golden Rules on how to get a girls number.

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