How To Talk To Anyone And Build Deeper Connections

The Window of Opportunity Is All You Need

All you need when it comes to dating is that window of opportunity. The window of opportunity that ensures whether or not you remain friends or become more. This window of opportunity has no timescale, nor does it become that obvious. But if you want to make your move then it is of paramount importance that you do it as quickly as possible.

Romance Is Dead – Valentine’s Day Is a Commercial Charade

Valentine’s Day has become a huge fixture in the calendar of the western world. But is it now an ideological day that is based on values that are out of this world. Some believe it has become a day where prices of flowers double, availability at hotels and restaurants becomes a nightmare and it is another reason to have an argument.

I Know a Girl With a Golden Touch

Everyone knows a girl with a golden touch. A girl that just has everything, class, looks, money and humour. They are the girls all your mates and yourself, most importantly, want. If you find this girl and by some small miracle she is interested in you snap it up with both hands.

Do You Desire A Lover Or A Husband?

Are you husband shopping or lover shopping? What is the difference between a lover and a boyfriend? You know a lot of women email me all the time asking me what the “rules” are in the context of having a lover versus a boyfriend.

Culture Clash – What to Do When You Meet Someone You Don’t Quite Get

In this age of free speech and efficient travel, it has become ever easier to maneuver ourselves around the globe. Subsequently when it comes to meeting new people and looking for love, we can end up seeking the globe for our very own romantic adventure. We have all seen it in the films, when two people meet from vastly different backgrounds and end up with a fairytale ending. But in real life there is more to it than just speaking the language of love.

Great Places To Meet Beautiful Women

When it comes to the best places to pick up women many men are left wondering how the place they pick up a woman determines her character and her commitment to the relationship. But the place you meet your woman will give you an idea of what kind of woman you are hooking up with. There are some good places where you can pick up a woman while there are other places which are not the best to look for the woman you want. Below are some of the best places to pick up women:

How To Attract A Man – Tips And Techniques

If you’re looking for advice on how to attract a man, check out my article where I will share tips and advice on how to do so. Many women mistake men for ‘complicated creatures’ when actually, you’ve just got to know what makes them tick!

How to Start Dating Again: The Very First Steps

You have just broken up or divorced the man you thought you would be with forever. You are crushed, sad, and devastated, but ready to move on to a full, wonderful life without him. How to start dating again? Believe me; it’s not as hard as you think!

First Date Tips – Avoid Hogging The Conversation, Ask Her Questions

It will probably come as no surprise that first dates can be scary for men, especially when your goal is to avoid hogging the conversation by asking her questions. After all, you don’t want it to sound like an interview. And even worse, you definitely don’t want your first date to sound or feel like an interrogation.

How to Date College Indian Girls

If you desire to get to the top level in this dating thing, get your confidence in order. Look deeply at yourself and try to determine why you are lacking faith in you. College Indian girls tend to mainly go for confident men. If you want to get more Indian women, try to figure out precisely what it is that’s holding you back. You need to make it a must to develop personal growth. Life is all about self development.

Jersey Shore: Going Back When You Know You Shouldn’t, The Power Men Hold

Discussion of relationships inspired by an episode of Jersey Shore. About going back to someone even when you know that they are not right for you or that it will result in hurt and heartache in the end.

3 Secrets of Connecting Emotionally to the Women You Want to Attract

If you find it hard to connect emotionally with women this is for you. You are about to discover secret techniques that will make it easier to connect and attract women. Read it now!

How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

If you are currently in the middle of a messy breakup then no doubt how to get your ex girlfriend back is the only thing that is on your mind. You have probably already gone through every emotion possible but now or you want is to have her by your side. You need her back, it’s as simple as that. What might not be so simple is getting her to actually come back to you. That’s going to be the hard part. But don’t worry it’s not astrophysics and indeed anyone can get back together with their girlfriend fairly quickly and easily if they follow a few bits of advice.

Get A Woman For A Night or Get A Soulmate For Life – Your Choice

What do you mean, “Get a woman”? For a good time? For company? Something else? This article will entertain and help you decide.

How To Win A Girl In 3 Easy Steps

You really want to know how to win a girl? Are you sure I can trust you with this red-hot information? All right, but be careful who you tell it to.

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