Why Women Pull Away

Ten Traits of A True Alpha Male – How to Attract Women Naturally

Becoming an alpha male isn’t rocket science. See these 10 alpha male characteristics and incorporate them in your daily lifestyle and behaviors to attract women naturally.

Confused Between Friendship and Love

The terms love and friendship are often confused by many people as they hold different meaning for different people. Both love and friendship can co-exist in the same relationship but falling in love is different from friendship.

Fake Dating Profiles – How To Spot A Fake Profile From A Photo

How do you spot a fake profile on a dating or social networking site? Men who set up these fake profiles are often lazy and make mistakes. We show you hot to spot a fake profile by starting with her photo.

Deciding What To Wear On A First Date

So you’ve got yourself a hot date. The build up begins. You start to anticipate the night ahead. Your tummy has butterflies. You feel excited. You get anxious. You are suddenly aware of your figure and hair. You want to look your best. Your appetite is affected. Maybe you find that salad more alluring than the steak and chips. Suddenly you panic. You ask yourself the question, what do I wear?!

Attracting Women – Wearing Red Signals Attraction And Power

The color red has been associated through history with status and power. A study by the University of Rochester has shown that it applies to your clothes to. Meet women while wearing red and they will view you as more attractive. Great news for single men on the dating scene.

Be The Kind Of Conversationalist That Will Have Her Asking You Out

A huge part of attracting women is getting them, not just to have conversations, but to thoroughly enjoy all of their verbal interactions with you. People often suggest that when you are talking to someone new you should direct the conversation where they are talking about themselves. This makes sense, because talking about oneself is something the person is passionate about. Guaranteed.

How to Build Rapport With Women?

The sense that you and a woman have connected on a meaningful level is one of the key factors that make a woman comfortable sleeping with you. You can instantly lower her anti-slut defenses simply by making her feels that you appreciate her for the way she really is, not the way she looks. Building rapport needs to be natural because women can detect so fast whether someone is present in the moment. The minute you lose focus in what she is doing and saying right in front of you, she is likely to notice.

Two Tips To Get Women To Throw Themselves At You

Men act like attracting women is difficult, and for some it is. Since there is no school teaching guys how to attract women, men must learn through trial and error. A problem arises when guys make the entire situation too complex; they think about too many different things. In other words, they try to run before they walk. And attracting women efficiently is not about doing advance techniques, it is about doing the simple steps well. There is no point to thinking about ways to further intimacy if you are poor at engaging and talking to women.

How Your Nerves Can Land You In The Dreaded Friend Zone

I always hate when I find out for the first time from one of my buddies that they pine for this girl who views them as just a friend. They have been placed in the dreaded “friend zone”, and they often feel confused and unsure of what they did to get there and–the million dollar question–how they get out? Many of them even give up hope, thinking the situation is impossible to change. That is far from true, but getting out of the friend zone is not any easy process. It is filled with peril; make one wrong move, and your friendship with her is over.

How to Get a Second Date With a Man

Are you a one date wonder? Do you get that first date and it all seems to go well, then you never hear from him again? Maybe he even hints at a second date but never follows through. If you feel like men just pull a Houdini and disappear on you, well you aren’t alone.

How to Tell If a Guy Likes You: 5 Signs to Watch Out

If you want to learn more on How to Tell If a Guy Likes You, you should read this great article. Mike’s advice on how to tell if a guy likes you.

Breaking Up The Right Way

Contemplating a breakup is difficult for just about anyone. How do you go about ending a relationship and avoid any undue pain through the process?

Dating Younger Women – 5 Myths

There are a few myths regarding dating younger women. 1. Younger women are easier to control.

10 Things Men Wish We Women Knew

Men are not emotional creatures and they tend not to like it when we ask them what they’re thinking. Nine times out of ten we think they’re lying when they tell us anyway. So when it came to finding out what men really wish we women knew about them I decided to go directly to the source. Men.

Are You Speaking The Same Language

Have you ever wondered why your “significant other” can’t read your mind? Send all the right signals and they still can’t seem to figure out what your saying? Are you speaking the same language? Love language, that is.

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