How To Make Yourself Immune To Negative People

Why Learning Pick Up Artist Techniques Is Self-Improvement

Here’s something that surprises lots of people – learning pick up artist techniques is a way to work on yourself and improve yourself. These are all strategies for meeting girls, but ultimately it’s about becoming a better person.

How To Seduce Women – Reel Her In With A Medium Hoop

If you know how to seduce women using the Bait, Hook, Reel, Release method, medium hoops are great. They allow you to get a little deeper than small hoops, but without getting too close like a large hoop.

How To Attract Girls On The Phone

Phone game is really important if you want to know how to attract girls. It has two purposes. One is to set up meeting times. The other is to build comfort and rapport. Most guys focus on just setting up dates and they miss out totally on the comfort-building aspect, which is actually more important.

How To Attract Girls – Bait, Hook, Reel, Release, And Rapport

Here’s an awesome technique that I came up with. Okay, I’m lying. Mystery came up with it. But it’s a great trick and it works really well when you want to learn how to attract girls. It’s called Bait, Hook, Reel, Release.

How To Approach A Woman – Know What You Like

There’s a little secret ingredient in learning how to approach women that even good pick up artists don’t always get. There are two ways to qualify. You can just go along with whatever she says and tell her she’s cool because of it, even if you think she’s an idiot.

How To Approach A Woman With Good Stories – It’s All About Character

When you’re learning how to approach a woman, telling stories is a great way to keep the conversation going. After your opening, you can use stories to qualify her and tell her about yourself. The key ingredient to a good story is a great character.

Approaching Women During The Daytime – Coffee Shops

Coffee shops are my prime place for approaching women during the day. That’s where probably 90% of the girls I’ve dated came from. They’re bored because if they’re at the coffee shop, they’re either waiting for someone or they’re working or studying.

Approaching Women – The Release Explained

Mystery has a great system for approaching women. It’s called Bait, Hook, Reel, Release. I want to talk about Release because it’s often misunderstood by guys who are learning how to use this highly effective technique.

Dating Etiquette – The First Date

There are a number of rules on dating etiquette that you should definitely consider especially if you’re going out on your very first date with someone. Dating is definitely something that can be unpredictable, since you won’t even know how your date is like, in terms of personality and attitude.

What To Do When Your Boyfriend Distances Himself – Here Is a Good Action Plan You Can Use

If your man is keeping his distance from you, then something is obviously happening somewhere. You could be the reason or it could be something else. But this wouldn’t change the fact that he’s distancing himself from you. When this situation arises, what do you have to do?

7 Signs That He Fancies You – Now You Would Finally Know Whether He Likes You or Not

It can be hard to read a guy’s thoughts. This is especially true when he’s trying to be manlier and he’s bottling all of his emotions within. But it’s not that difficult to figure out what he is really hiding on the inside. Here are some really good ways to know if he fancies you or not…

How To Attract Women – The Secrets To Enticing Her

Find out how to attract, pick up and date women successfully and confidently, guaranteed! Feel good and be the envy of your friends by dating good looking women. No need to be lonely, there is someone out there just waiting for you, all you need to do is entice her.

How to Tell If a Guy Is Not Serious About You – 7 Great Ways to Know the Truth Right Away

Every girl wishes to have an everlasting relationship with the one guy who she’s seriously in love with. All that she wants to feel is that she’s special for him and his love for her is real. But how can you glean the ones who are really in love and serious about you from those that are just playing around? Here are some solid ways to figure it all out…

The 3 Ways to Remove Approach Anxiety

If you’re like me then you can definitely relate to this question: do you suffer from “approach anxiety”? That’s right, “approach anxiety” — that feeling immediately before you walk up to a hottie for the initial time. It’s a feeling of fear right?

Prime Mistakes Which Make Great Men Leave Good Women! Know This Before You Make the Same Mistakes

Why do some men shift gears from time to time? Why do they act hot and cold? Why do they act like they’re in love with you but then completely ignore you after a few days? Most women think that when a guy does this the problem is usually with him but this might not be the case.

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