The Secret to True Confidence (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy)

He Cheated On Me – What Do I Do Now?

If you, like many women from all over, have been cheated on, it can be a scary experience to continue on in love. You may be head over heels for your significant other. You would do anything for him, you tell yourself.

Stop and Think – Is It All Worth It?

There is a famous quote about living your life. Live every moment of your life such that you have no regrets.

Single Again, And Scared of What Might Be Lurking In Your Dating Future

So you have found yourself back in the dating scene again and your friends and family have been kind enough to share with you all of the dangers that lurk in this practice of meeting new people. Dating can be fun and safe when you take some simple precautions while navigating the dating world.

Who Else Wants to Date a Top Model? (No Matter Your Looks, Age or Income)

You see a gorgeous girl in the bar, the top model type, you want to approach her, and start a conversation, but you don’t think you have a chance. Dating gorgeous females is easy if you know what you are doing. If other guys can do it, why can’t you?

First Date Material – What to Do and What Not to Do

Do you want to really know what’s going on inside a man’s head and heart? Are you curious as to what will send them into a fit of rage and what will make them weak in the knees? Are you wondering whether you’re the type of woman who can really attract and satisfy the man you want?

Tips on Building Healthy and Durable Relationships

Relationships are not easy to maintain due to the individual natures of the different types of persons involved. You should really work very hard to have healthy relationships, whether it is with your finance’, spouse, or other family members.

A Woman’s Guide To Attracting Men – Play Your Feminine Charms In 10 Simple Steps

Are you habitual of spending most of your weekends alone? Do you secretly crave for a special someone? Well, you’re not the only one! Every female wants to sweep away her dream guy.

Common Things That Couples Rush Into

After dating for a short amount of time, when your new boyfriend or girlfriend suddenly decides to buy you a pet, it abruptly hits you that this is probably one of the stereotypical ways in which couples move too fast. In the so-called dating battlefield, there are many pitfalls to avoid and this is definitely one of them, especially if one person is far beyond the other in terms of love and/or affection.

How to Play Hard to Get – The Right Way and the Wrong Way

Is there a man in your life who you are interested in romantically but you’re not sure how to get him to reciprocate those feelings? Do you feel that the “hard to get” game is just leaving you forgotten? A lot of women think that teasing a guy by not picking up the phone or ignoring him when they see him out is the proper way to play this game, but that can backfire quickly.

How to Show a Guy That You Like Him Without Scaring Him Off

Is there a guy you like and you’re not sure how to let him know? Are you worried that the way you act around him isn’t conveying exactly what you want it to? Are you baffled at how to make him notice that you’re interested in him?

How To Approach A Girl You Want To Date

Approaching women could cause one to feel anxious. Knowing that the incorrect approach can destroy a possible relationship before it even begins can add to the anxiety one experiences during this time. It can be hard to find the right first line, remaining calm when you express it and sounding confident without appearing cocky.

Do Women Really Hate Being Hit On?

Many guys have a difficult time going up to and hitting on girls because guys have a mistaken belief that girls hate being hit on. This is a myth that girls have perpetuated and a myth that guys have been totally duped into. Most women will claim they don’t really like it or that it annoys them but the truth is, women love being hit on. They love it and can’t get enough of it.

Tips for Finding a Reputable Senior Dating Website

It is never too late for people to find other singles online. The world of senior dating websites has grown to include many choices for all sorts of different people including many sites that feature some fun things that let anyone discover other men and women.

Cures for Approach Anxiety (Get the Girl You Want)

Most guys can’t control their minds and suffer from approach anxiety; as a result they don’t enjoy the success with females that they crave for. I want to share some techniques that will help you overcome this issue, and change your life forever.

How to Regain Control in a Controlling Relationship

Are you in a relationship where you feel like you have absolutely no control? Is your guy the decision-maker? Are you worried that you’re giving him everything you have and getting nothing in return?

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