5 Secrets About Yourself You NEVER Tell A Woman

Are you tired of the same old dating advice about how to impress women? How about some insider knowledge on what women actually want to know about you? In this post, we’ll explore five secrets about yourself that you may have never thought to share with a woman, but could be the key to unlocking a deeper connection. So, get ready to learn some unexpected tips and tricks to help you navigate the world of dating.


Hey there guys! We all have some secrets that we keep to ourselves and never reveal them to anyone. Especially when it comes to women, there are certain things we tend to hold back because we fear it might make us appear vulnerable or weak. However, it is crucial to understand that trust and honesty are fundamental aspects of any relationship. In this article, we will discuss 5 secrets about yourself that you might never tell a woman and why you should.

  1. Insecurities

We all have insecurities. It could be something as minor as a scar or something major like a fear of failure. But we tend to guard them as they make us feel vulnerable. However, sharing these insecurities with your partner can strengthen your bond. It allows her to know that you trust her and value her opinion.

  1. Past Relationships

Talking about past relationships can be a tricky subject, but it is crucial to keep a level of transparency. If you had a serious relationship before, you might be hesitant to bring it up as you don’t want to compare current relationships to the past. However, knowing about each other’s past relationships can help the bond you share. It can also help you understand what worked and what didn’t work in past relationships and apply it to your current one.

  1. Mental Health

Mental health is still a topic that many find difficult to discuss. However, it is important to understand that many people suffer from some form of mental health issues. If you have a condition like anxiety, depression or bipolar disorder, it is essential to let your partner know. It shows that you trust her and are not afraid to be vulnerable. It also allows her to support you when you need it the most.

  1. Financial Issues

Financial issues can be a significant stressor in any relationship. We often keep our financial problems to ourselves as we don’t want to appear weak. However, being honest about your financial situation can help relieve stress. It also allows you to work together to come up with a solution.

  1. Your Goals

Sharing your dreams and aspirations with someone can be scary. Often, we keep our goals to ourselves out of fear that we might fail. However, sharing your goals with your partner can help motivate you. It also allows you to work together to achieve them.


In summary, sharing your secrets with your partner can help build trust and strengthen your bond. You should always feel comfortable opening up to your significant other as it allows for a deeper connection. Remember, honesty is the foundation of any successful relationship.


  1. What if my partner doesn’t react well after I tell her a secret?

Ans: If you are afraid that your partner might not react well, it is important to have a conversation and express your concerns. Communication is key in any relationship, and it is crucial to understand each other’s boundaries.

  1. Should I tell my partner everything about my past?

Ans: You do not need to tell your partner everything about your past, but it is essential to be honest about significant events that have shaped who you are.

  1. Should I share my financial status early in the relationship?

Ans: It depends on the situation. If you are in a serious relationship, it is crucial to be honest about your financial situation. However, you do not need to reveal everything early in the relationship.

  1. How do I start a conversation about my mental health with my partner?

Ans: You can start by saying that you have something important to discuss and ask if they have time to talk. It is important to be vulnerable and honest about your feelings.

  1. Should I share my goals even if they seem unattainable?

Ans: Yes! Sharing your goals will allow your partner to support you and help you work towards achieving them. Don’t be afraid to dream big!