A Brief History Of Online Dating

If He Can’t Commit Now Will He Ever Commit to Me? Learn This Before It’s Just Too Late for You

You can’t blame a woman who feels nervous when a guy tells her he loves her yet he won’t commit. If you’re in such a situation, there’s no reason to mope; instead, you have to know how to better handle the man so that things will turn for the better.

The Awkward Dance: Advice on How to Get With A Girl

Aside from the major embarrassment of getting dumped in public, the most horrifying thing men confess to when picking up a date is the first night of sex. Though they’ve read many articles and watched videos on how to get with a girl, most men confess to feeling inadequate or utterly horrible with their sexual encounter with a women who fancies them enough to see them naked.

Approaching Women, An Art To Be Developed

Approaching women should be done with a proper planning as they are they most difficult lot to understand and handle. Getting your technique right will give you a lot of yes answer from her.

Signs He Is Starting to See You As More Than a Friend! Know If He Wants You to Be His Lover Now

Your male best friend – he’s always the one who weathers life’s storms with you; he’s also the one who laughs with you when you’re happiest. But just recently, you’ve been noticing that he’s been acting weird. Here are the signs that he’s starting to look at you as more than a friend:

How Does He Behave Around You If He Is Attracted to You? Here Are the Signs You Need to Look For

Many women spend countless sleepless nights wondering if the guys she likes also feels the same way towards her. The good thing is there are clues that point to a man’s real feelings for you. Here are 7 signs that he’s already attracted to you:

How to Know If the Guy Has Special Feelings for You? Learn How to Know the Truth About This

It is said that it takes a lot of intuition in order to see the glaring signs that show a guy’s real feelings. And intuition is something that women have a lot of. With your God-given instinct, read these 7 surefire signs that a guy has special feelings for you:

What to Do When He’s Not Romantically Interested in You? Here Are the Steps You Need to Take

Are you one of those millions of girls who are saddened by unreciprocated passion? Have you been eyeing a man yet he wouldn’t even dare look your way? Then don’t lose hope – here are 7 tips that would make any man take a second look:

How to Know If He Has Romantic Feelings for You! Here Is How to Know What’s Really in His Mind

It’s every woman’s dream that the guy she’s eying also feels the same way about her. If you want to know whether he’s looking at you as a romantic partner, here are the most obvious signs that a guy is, indeed, in love with you: you can feel his love through his touch. Touching arouses emotions and if a man can’t keep his hands off you, then he definitely has romantic feelings for you.

The First Signs a Man Shows When He Is Falling in Love With You – Look for These to Know the Truth

As a woman, isn’t it your desire to know whether the man that you’re dating is the one? Women are more open when it comes to their feelings and this is why it’s a bit more difficult to read whether or not a man is already into you or not. So is he in love or not?

How to Know If a Man Just Wants You for Fun! Learn How to Know If He Is Just Using You

Millions of women have already found themselves brokenhearted because of guys who actually had no intentions of becoming long-term partners. If you don’t want to belong to these numbers, then learn to discern a man who’s out to fool you. Here are the telltale signs of a man who just wants you for fun:

How to Tell If a Guy Is Not Serious About You? Now You Will Be Able to Tell Almost Instantly

Just as one is able to tell if a guy is serious about you, it is also possible to tell if he is not serious about you. There are ways in which you will know that he isn’t serious. His ways will give him away. Read ahead to understand how.

Chat Line Dating – 5 Things You Should Know

You wouldn’t just go scuba diving without a lesson about how to use your oxygen tanks; neither should you dive headfirst into the exciting but unknown waters of voice personals. There are five basic things that you should know about this type of service that will not only prepare you for its vast opportunities, but allow you to make the most of them once you are prepared to begin.

How to Shower a Man With Love? 7 Great Ways You Can Use to Show Him How Much You Love Him

The best way to ensure that your man stays with you and you have that fairytale ending is to keep him madly in love with you. Here are some exciting ways in which to show your man that he is loved and cherished by you. Keep him satisfied and you won’t be sorry!

How to Show Your Crush You Like Him in a Non Scary Way? This Is How You Should Do It

It’s very natural when you have a crush on someone you want him to know that you like him. But how does he know it unless you make it known to him? Without having to say it in as many words you can study some of the ways to help you show your crush that you like him.

How to Make My Boyfriend Go Out With Me More? Follow These Tips to Make Him Hang Around More

Has your boyfriend not been going with you as much as he once used to? If he is paying attention elsewhere and going out with others, more than he is with you, then its time to look for the answer at your end and make improvements.

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