Are Women Only Looking For Tall, Handsome & Rich?

Older Dating? Consider Matchmaking Services

It is said that life will begin when you turn forty, and who are we to say any different. There are many people who really dread turning forty. But there is simply nothing wrong with being older, in fact its only a number and one that you shouldn’t worry about at all.

What Does It Really Mean When a Guy Says He Needs Space? Follow These Tips Right Now

It can be very confusing when a man tells you that while he loves you he still needs his space. Here is what it really means when your man tells you that he wants space.

What to Do When a Man’s Attraction for You Fades? 7 Tricks You Can Use to Get Him Attracted Again

Are you woebegone and desperately worried that you are on the way to being dumped by your man whose attraction for you seems to have faded? If you sit around bemoaning your fate then you will watch him walk away from you sooner or later. On the other hand if you follow the following advice, you will be successful in attracting him back!

Two Amazing Tips to Become an Alpha Male

You want to learn how to become an alpha male? The supremely confident guy who gets all the women. Who doesn’t?

Talking With Women – Dating After Divorce

Ah, the core issue in all of this dating stuff, eh? How to chat it up with the fairer sex without looking like a jerk, feeling like a jerk, or clamming up and not talking at all. The balance to be obtained is your own comfort level, and not stupifying the woman into sliding you into the “friend zone” if that’s not where you’re going.

The Formula For Confidence

If you ask a group of 100 women, 90 will tell you that what they are most attracted to in a man is confidence. But what is confidence? Have you ever really thought about it or is it just some pie in the sky term. What is the actual recipe for confidence? Well, here is my formula: Confidence = Social Awareness + Asking For What You Want. Let me break it down:

Why Do I Always End Up With the Wrong Kind of Guys? 7 Reasons Why This Is Always Happening to You

Have you always been the one to end up feeling hopeless and upset because you have realized that the guy you have been dating has been totally wrong for you in every way? There are reasons why you have landed in this type of mess. Check out these tips and find out if they are so typically you!

A Man Who Is Single And Rich To Love You

You may have thought about looking for a man who is single and rich to love you, but there are also many rich single men who are hoping to find love as well. With online dating sites you may be able to find that love you’ve been hoping to locate for many years or just a few months. Many women will hope to find a rich man who is single because it will offer them a life that is a lot easier than struggling to get by.

Why Do Men Withdraw After Intimacy? 7 Major Reasons Why Men Withdraw After They’ve Been Intimate

More men probably want you just for the intimacy and nothing more. And once they get you easily then they withdraw after that. You should be able to judge what the man is befriending you for, intimacy or long term relationship.

Preeminent Dating Tips for Women

Dating is an art and who excels in it is never deprived of love in life. Here are some helpful dating tips for females for a successful relationship.

Finding The Right Girlfriend for You

Are you tired of being alone? Do you dream of a girlfriend to share your likes and dislikes with? It is quite normal for men and women to want a partner to live their lives with but sometimes it can result confusing to get a partner.

The Proper Way to Ask a Girl Out on a Date

For a single guy, finding a woman to ask on a date is not the difficult part. Believe it or not, most men are more anxious about making the first move than anything else. You might see a lot of good looking men out there and think how easy it must be for them to ask anyone out on a date.

I ALWAYS Get Put In ‘The Friendship Zone’

Three words, every man dreads them; the friendship zone! That lovely little zone we end up in; this is the zone where we’re no longer seen as relationship material; and the harsh truth is that once your there’s nearly no way out of it. No, I’m not going to give you advice on how to get out of it, because if I’m honest it’s more down to luck than any technique I can teach you.

Using Your Femininity to Answer the Question of How to Meet Single Men

“How to meet single men” can be a question which constantly plagues most women’s minds. Despite the statistics that say there are more men than women in the world, women have a harder time finding a man with whom they can develop a lasting relationship with which will end up in “till death do us part.” This is because no matter how people purport that men and women are equal in all aspects, there has been an ingrained notion that in terms of courtship and dating, women need to play a more submissive role. A woman needs to proactively find a man while giving the man the upper rein, which is quite an enigma. Putting yourself out in the open to the point of initiating the relationship can very well be a blow on the man’s ego.

What Guys Like to Hear – Saying the Right Thing

As women we sometimes wonder about just what guys like to hear. We already know just what the guys may say in order for our hearts to melt, yet what about the particular guy in our own life?

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