Be Proactive Not Reactive & How To Handle Approach Anxiety

My Man Is Acting Withdrawn! 7 Tips You Must Follow If You Want Him to Pursue You Yet Again

A healthy, normal relationship has a couple who share love, interest and feelings for one another. But when one of the partners withdraw or become uninterested, the other partner may feel confused or uneasy about the whole situation. As a woman, it is your duty to know what to do in case your man starts to withdraw.

Want to Know the Best Way to Get Your Ex Back?

The relationship is ended. It appears that your relationship is over, yet you would like to see things reconciled. That’s not the easiest thing in the world to do. Read more please…

My Husband Is Getting More and More Bored of Me Daily! Here Are the Things You Must Do Here

Have you been shocked with his most recent revelation that he’s no longer feeling any spice in your relationship? If your better half is now your bored other half, here are some ways that you could deal with this dilemma: Ask yourself – Am I really boring? If you’ve always seen yourself as a jovial person and people normally flock around you, then he’s probably just expecting too much of you.

Breakup Advice When Dealing With Men

Are you in a situation where your boyfriend has left but you still want him back? If that is the case, it would be the very wise to listen to some advice on how to deal with the man that is just left you.

Time Is Needed for Coping With a Break Up

Neither party in a breakup escapes unscathed. It can be difficult to cope with the breakup. It does not matter what the reason is behind the breakup. It hurts just the same.

Dating Tips For Divorced Men

So, you’re divorced, middle aged and single again. You really want to meet someone new but the fear might hold you back. In reality, there are thousands of single women who are in exactly your shoes and who would love to meet you. The problem is how do you overcome the fear and when you do, where can you meed single girls who are mature and ready for what you’ve got to offer.

A Keen Eye

If there is something that you cannot go wrong with when dealing with any women it is getting them to feel special. All women fancy being treated like precious gems. You would somehow get the impression that men of today will treat their women with probably a lesser esteem than they did to women of past generations.

Do You Wanna Be My Friend?

This bright eyed little boy sprinted into the play area with joy written all over his face! “Do you wanna be my friend?” Potential playmate after playmate turned him down until one girl finally said “Yes”! This is great advice for those of you trying to find a date.

Understand The Best Methods For Attracting Women

If you feel that you have problems attracting women, do not despair. Many guys have difficulty when it comes to chatting up the opposite sex. The problem is often down to not understanding what would make you be seen positively by women. Check out the following suggestions and tips that should bring about a dramatic change in your situation.

Ability to Satisfy Those Desires That A Woman Craves

Across the world, you will notice that women will disagree on many other things but will agree that they like to be made to feel special. They must be treated with importance. A few keen eyes can today argue that the men of today do not treat their women with high regard.

How To Please A Woman – 3 Secret Strategies Every Guy Should Know!

Just about every guy out there wants to know how to please a woman. After all, if you can’t please her, then you won’t be sticking around for very long. Although guys do try, they often get it wrong. Contrary to popular belief, candy and flowers don’t work all the time. So if you want to know three secret strategies you can use to please a woman, keep reading.

How to AMOG

A AMOG means Alpha Male of the Group meaning a guy is who is protecting his group of guys and girls from outside interferences, the acronym can also mean Alpha Male Other Guy, which is when a guy who is getting in the way of you reaching your target. You know the guy, its the one who comes along when your mid-DHV story and destroys the attention on you from your new group of friends.

Pea Cocking Or Good Looks?

The rumour of ‘good looking’ is simply that! An example could be that of girls, I’ve never seen a HB10…I think HB10 probably don’t exist in the material world, what I do believe is that they exist in the ‘mind’ when a girl takes herself and remoulds herself into a new person, with a new identity that is associated with quality, exclusivity, wealth with an extreme dominance of worldly variables; she will be seen as a HB10. The way an individual claims this title of HB10 will change with time as cultural messages, styles, names and attitudes change; but at this moment in time HB10 qualities might be having a name that is fashionable, having a international voice (as the world is becoming more globalised) being unattached to a particular localised trend but not looking like a eBay or ASOS addict. Having a skin colour that dictates travel, and speaking in linguistics that sounds like you could speak to royalty, and presidents across the globe.

7 Guaranteed Working Tips for Speed Dating

Speed dating can be fun but it can also be nerve wracking! Knowing what to do, what to say, how to dress and how to react on a speed dating game will make you feel much more relax and at home…which is pretty important in speed dating.

Russian Women – The Essence of Beauty

Russian women are supposed to be the most beautiful in the world. The essence of their beauty lies in a complex of things.

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