BIG Mistake Guys Make When Texting A Girl

Can Distance Make a Guy Get Butterflies Over You? Learn If Avoiding Him Is a Good Idea Or Not

The adage “Familiarity breeds contempt” is very true. The more you get to know your partner, the more you realize all the faults, weaknesses and shortcomings that you were blind to! This knowledge can either make you fall even more in love with your partner or put you off! One of the best ways to make your guy fall even more in love with you is to make him miss you.

The Best Kissing Techniques – For Guys And Gals Who Want To Be Better Than Average

There are hundreds of different kisses and kissing techniques because different people like different types of kisses. Some kisses are right for lovers, while some are not. Instead of exploring all the kissing techniques, this discussion will center on the kisses that are right for lovers. The following is a list of the best kissing techniques for lovers.

What You Should Know About Dating Rich Women

How to date a rich woman. Learn the attributes you must possess if you want to have success with a rich woman.

Dating For College Students – Dress Tips For Beginners

Are you in college and looking for a girlfriend to date? Well the first thing that you should know is that you have to get your dress code right. Dressing appropriately can make or break your dating life, and this is what this article will focus on.

How To Play The Dating Game

Love is a battlefield, and dating is war, and like all conflicts, there are laws and regulations to follow. Be careful though, as these laws adapt over time.

Why Is It That Men Chase You Only When You Play Hard to Get & Then Stop Once You Show Interest?

This is one of the most annoying male behavior patterns that females have to deal with: He’s passionate and aggressively pursuing you, not taking “no” for an answer. Full of testosterone, he woos you with words and romantic gestures you thought only existed in movies.

How To Pick Up Someone In Public

It requires skill and probably some luck to pick up someone you find attractive. There are tips that can aid you in this process if you are new to it.

The Dilemma Of Who Should Pay On A Date

It is no secret that money can be a real issue in any relationship. Right from the start, on your first date, you will be stuck with the problem of who pays for what.

How To Know If A Guy Is Trying To Make You Jealous? Don’t Fall for His Games This Easily

Women get most the blame for utilizing this manipulation tactic, but the truth is that men use is just as much. If you love your boyfriend but hate how he’s been acting lately, and you’re convinced he’s trying to make you jealous, here’s some ways to tell.

A Guide To The Blind Date

Blind dating is great for people who like a bit of excitement in their lives or for folk who are having trouble finding the right one. What sets these dates apart is the total surprise and the array of possible dates.

3 Hidden Dating Red Flags For Women

There are three red flags I had to learn the hard way. They are often hidden so well that it is hard to see the truth underneath. Even after five fiances and over 20 years on the dating circuit I still fell for these lines. These red flags came up but the men could amazingly hide them well enough I did not see them.

Succeed at Dating – Get That Guy – The Secret to Successfully Winning That Man For Life

If you want to get that guy, you need to know how to succeed at dating. Dating is not something you can bypass if you want to get from single to a relationship. The good news is that dating success comes easily to those women who know its secrets. It’s not about playing games or manipulating men but knowing what works. Learn what works effectively to win that man for life.

How Do I Impress a Guy That I Really Like & Make Him Adore Me? You Need to Read These Tips

There are many ways to impress a man, some ways will only be effective for the time-being, and some ways can leave a lasting impression. Whichever the case, here are some options that may work for you: Stand Out From the Crowd Use this as an opportunity to disregard any standards you feel you have to live up to. Whether it’s related to your image or behavior, if it isn’t something that’s really you, then ignore it.

The Stupidest Dating Advice, Ever

Well meaning people often say very stupid things. Especially in awkward situations or when trying to offer support. Fortunately, consensus of ignorance doesn’t equal truth. One bit of dating advice is actually so damaging it needs to be avoided at all costs.

How To Impress A Guy Who’s Not Really That Interested in You? This Is What You Have to Do

Every gal will face this dilemma sooner or later, no matter how beautiful and alluring she may be. So how do you go about trying to get his attention when he’s made it clear he is not interested in you? Sometimes a man changes his mind about a woman, sometimes he never will. Either way, you can always give it a good try with these tips:

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