Do Modern Women Want To Be A Housewife Or Have A Career?

Do you ever find yourself caught between the traditional role of being a housewife and the desire to pursue a fulfilling career? As a modern woman, the choice between these two paths can be both empowering and challenging. In this blog post, we will explore the ongoing debate of whether modern women prefer to be a housewife or pursue a successful career. Join us as we delve into society’s expectations, personal aspirations, and the changing dynamics that shape women’s choices in today’s world. So, which path will you choose?


In today’s rapidly changing society, gender roles and expectations have evolved significantly. Traditional gender roles that confined women to domestic responsibilities are being challenged as more and more women pursue careers and strive for equality. However, the question still remains: do modern women want to be a housewife or have a career? In this article, we will review a thought-provoking video created by Tripp Advice that explores this very topic. Through engaging discussions and personal insights, the video offers a fresh perspective on the desires and aspirations of modern women.

The Video: A Review

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  3. Society and the Media Influence: Women in Roles

    The video highlights how society and the media often put forth the message that women should strive to be more like men, particularly in roles such as being a boss or CEO. While this shift represents progress towards gender equality, it also raises the question of whether such roles truly align with the desires and choices of all women.

  4. The Speaker’s Question: Work or Housewife?

    As the video proceeds, the speaker poses a thought-provoking question to the guests: would they prefer to work and own a business or be a housewife? This question sparks a lively discussion that highlights the diversity of opinions and experiences among women.

  5. Unveiling What Most Women Want

    One of the video’s most significant contributions is its exploration of what most women actually want. Through personal anecdotes and candid conversations, the guests express a range of desires and goals, emphasizing the importance of individual choice and self-determination.

  6. Contribute to Translating the Videos

    Tripp Advice encourages their audience to contribute to translating their videos into different languages, allowing for a wider reach and impact. This inclusivity promotes global conversations about gender roles, helping to break down barriers and foster understanding across cultures.


In conclusion, the video created by Tripp Advice provides a fascinating exploration of the desires and aspirations of modern women. By challenging societal expectations and encouraging open discussions, the video reminds us that there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of whether women want to be a housewife or have a career. It underscores the importance of honoring individual choices, fostering inclusivity, and striving for true gender equality.


  1. Q: Can Tripp Advice’s 1-on-1 coaching program help me gain a better understanding of my own desires as a woman?

    A: Absolutely! Tripp Advice’s 1-on-1 coaching program is designed to provide personalized guidance and support for individuals who are seeking clarity on their own desires, regardless of their gender.

  2. Q: Is the HOOKED Video Masterclass suitable for women who want to improve their dating and relationship skills?

    A: Yes, the HOOKED Video Masterclass offered by Tripp Advice is beneficial for anyone, including women, who want to enhance their dating and relationship skills. It covers various aspects of attraction and communication, aiding personal growth in these areas.

  3. Q: Does the video address the influence of society and the media on women’s role choices?

    A: Yes, the video sheds light on how society and the media often project the idea that women should conform to certain roles traditionally associated with men. It raises awareness about the broader societal context in which women make their choices.

  4. Q: Does the video mainly focus on women who want to be housewives or pursue a career?

    A: The video embraces both perspectives and recognizes that desires and choices can vary among women. It aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the choices women make and promote respect for individual decision-making.

  5. Q: How can I contribute to translating Tripp Advice’s videos into different languages?

    A: Tripp Advice welcomes contributions from their audience to translate their videos into various languages. If you are interested in contributing, reach out to them to learn more about the translation process.