Don’t Do Dinner Dates!

Long Distance Dating Advice – 3 Simple But Effective Methods

If you are searching for long distance dating advice, you must be in one of the following situations: Someone you love is moving away and you don’t want to end the relationship. You have met someone you really like who lives far away. You are considering Internet dating but aren’t sure if talking to women who live far away is a good idea.

Speed Dating Tips – Top 3 Tips To Win The Race

You’re busy and don’t have a lot of time, so we will be brief with our speed dating tips. In just a few moments you can truly knock the socks off a potential mate and convince them to hand over the digits or schedule a first date. You just have to understand some basic principles of human nature.

Things To Do On A First Date To Win Her Heart

Are you looking for things to do on a first date that will increase your odds of a big success? Every man wants to ensure that the first date goes smoothly, whether they end up taking the woman out for a second date or not. First dates that are uncomfortable or combative end up being painful not only for your date, but for yourself as well.

Getting Your Ex Back – 5 Great Tips For You

When a relationship with someone you care for, even love, suddenly takes a turn and you find yourself split up, it can feel devastating. No one can describe the internal pain you feel and all you can think about is “How can I get them back”.

First Kiss Tips – 3 Essential Tips Every Man Must Hear

There are some basic first kiss tips that every man must hear. Regardless of how smooth you think you are, it is incredibly easy to screw things up during the first kiss without even realizing it. Don’t assume that you have kissing in the bag and are as slick as oil when it comes to making the big move.

Meeting “The Right Person” Is Not a Matter of Luck Or Time

Those who are not successful in cultivating a long-term relationship think it’s only a matter of time until they will. Some even believe it’s a matter of luck meeting “the right person.” The fact is that in order to find a partner with whom to develop a successful intimate relationship you first need to develop Self-Awareness: get to know and understand yourself better.

I Really Like to Impress This Guy! How Do I Go About Doing It? 7 Tips That Will Guide You

It is easier for a woman to impress a guy than the other way around. Men have certain ideas already when it comes to a wife or companion, so first start knowing him.

Picking Up Women

Every man dreams of a perfect way to pick up women. Reading books about the art of picking up women or listening to speakers or self-proclaimed gurus will give you an insight on the subject, but none of it will do you any good if you do not have the perfect combination of several characteristics that most women want in a man.

Speed Dating – How It Works and Can It Work?

How does speed dating work? Most of us know how it works mechanically but I will also elaborate on how it works mentally. Another question, can it really work? Is 10 minutes adequate to assess whether you would like to know the person better?

Your Virtual Love Life Using Free Online Dating

The world is changing at a very rapid rate particularly with the new advances that the internet age has brought along. We are now able to shop online, communicate online, and do just about anything else that we want to online. Lately one of the major breakthroughs that the internet has brought to us is the ability to start a relationship online. This is through something known as free online dating websites.

Is Physical Attraction Important? What About The Intellectual Vibe?

There are so many different ways that you can feel a connection with a woman, but physical attraction is what you want more than anything else. That desire to touch, stroke, and just be near another person is what makes dating so fun and fulfilling, but it is also what most men take as the marking of a great woman.

Going Back to the Dating Scene: How to Conquer the Fears

Going back to the dating scene after a breakup or a divorce can be very frightening. After all, it means you are open to the possibility of going into a relationship again. You are making yourself vulnerable to pain again.

Having Confidence With Women

This is no special manual on how to gain confidence with women. It’s not like you can read a few pages and change everything. And even if you did try and change everything right away, a woman would see through it.

Is It Possible to Impress Him When He Already Isn’t Interested in Me? 7 Ways to Easily Do It

The guy whom you are targeting is possibly a simpleton or a studious kind of person who stays aloof or hangs out with the guys alone. Perhaps he’s a sportsman and his sole interest lies in rigorous practice. All you need to do is adopt a different approach. Let’s see how.

Find the Right Romantic Partner in Your Life Today

Many people are searching for the one, that soul mate, the person they could spend the rest of their life with. After all, love is definitely a wonderful feeling that is ought to be shared. However, for others searching for a long-term partner is not that easy.

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