How Women Test Men

Get Your Man to Reveal His True Feelings – Getting in His Head Will Surprise You

Have you ever faced a wall when asking a guy about his true feelings? Are his answers too simple, plain and incomplete? Would you like to know what he’s thinking about, but don’t want to look like you’re not minding your own business?

2 Easy Ways to Attract Beautiful Girls

First of all, you have to be young at heart. Women are not as shallow as men. They want a man with a strong personality and genuineness. You can consider this idea and improve your character if this is lacking in anyway. Be honest with yourself and assess this, after all, if you are successful then you will attract beautiful women!

Make Him Chase You – A Complete Guide on Playing Hard to Get

Do you like the idea of having a guy chasing you? Do you wish it would happen way more often than it does now?

Does He Want a Relationship? How to Figure It All Out

There aren’t always clear clues on whether a man is looking for commitment or a quick relationship or one-night stand. You might have experienced situations where men misled you and don’t want it to happen again.

Stop Being Shy With Guys With These Essential Tips

Do you have trouble talking to a guy you have a crush on compared to all the others? Do you constantly see great occasions fly by because of the feeling of shyness you get about talking to that guy you like?

How to Attract a Guy – 3 Tips to Change Things Around Quickly

Would you like to be able to attract a guy as soon as in a few days? Do you feel bored staying at home without anyone to give you company and support?

How to Interest a Guy & Easily Charm Him? Make Him Really Adore You With These Useful Tips

You are bowled over by this good looking guy and would like him to date you. However, he has shown scant interest in you or has not taken note of you. You feel that time is running out and other girls might bag the guy ahead of you. Your only chance in such a situation is to create circumstances such that he takes active interest in you so that you can win him.

How to Handle Rejection From a Guy You Really Liked? Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself & Read This

Life is not always fair and love is not always reciprocated. If you have faced rejection form a guy who you really liked and have no clue how to get out of it read on to find out how to handle this phase.

How to Get an Older Man? Learn What It Really Takes to Attract and Keep an Older Man Around

If you happen to be one of those girls who are put off by guys who are immature and young, and want to hook an older man, then know that you are not alone! Many women are turned on by older and mature men and would like to be in a relationship with them. Here are some interesting ways in which to lure them.

How to Get Men to Chase You Over and Over? Learn How to Pull Them Towards You As & When You Want

Getting a man to chase you over and over again makes sure that your relationship always stays fresh and exciting. Here are a few ways with which you can make your man chase you over and over again.

Ways to Prompt a Guy to Propose! Do This Before It Gets Too Late for Anything to Take Place

Sometimes you feel like you are stuck in a dead end relationship. Everything is great in your relationship but after being in it for a long time you don’t see any movement from your man’s side. Since you can’t really ask a man to propose to you, you have to hand out some hints that will prompt a man to propose to you. Here is how to get that done.

How to Get a Cute Guy to Like You & Completely Adore You? Make Him Want to Be With You

Cute guys are no different from ordinary guys the only difference is that they are used to a lot of female attention. This is one fact that makes it very difficult to gain and retain their attention. However, having said that it is not entirely impossible for a normal or ordinary looking girl to get the cute guy, she so desires. Here is what you should do if you find yourself in such a situation.

How to Decode Guys & Understand Why They Do What They Do! Every Woman Should Know This

The most frustrating thing for women is the fact that they find it hard to decode guys. Since guys are not that open or emotional like women – who are ready to tell all and reveal every dark secret in an instant – it takes a little practice and common sense to be able to decode a guy. Here are some tips that will help you along!

Why Do I Always Mess Up My Relationships With Men? Learn Why It Constantly Happens to You

Are you a relationship disaster? If you are facing a problem in handling your relationship then here could be some possible reasons that could be responsible for messing up your relationships.

The Fun Kiss – How To Ignite Their Passion With Some Fun Finger Licking, Smouldering Kisses

Kissing is always exciting in the beginning of a relationship, but when the passion has cooled a little, it can get a little boring. So, there are some great fun ways to kiss your partner, if you have not already tried them. If you’re after a fun kiss keep on reading.

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