Stop Putting Her On A Pedestal!

Is My Boyfriend A Good Match For Me?

When you’ve been dating someone for a while and the initial fascination has worn off a little bit you may be wondering if you made the right decision getting involved with him. It’s at this stage that many women will ask the question: is my boyfriend a good match for me?

Top Ten List: Good Sugar Baby Behavior

After going out with several sugar babies over the years, here is the top ten list of what good behavior should be: 1) She arrives on time for a date, or if late, she is only fashionably late. 2) If she is running late, she sends me a text message. All my faves did that, and it is common courtesy. 3) She responds to emails and texts within a reasonable time, usually 1 or 2 days. 4) She shows some interest in what I do, how my day was, etc. 5) She follows…

Surviving A Break Up – Means True Love Again

Wanna know the trick to surviving a break up? Time. Sorry, I know you wanted some secret that would help you get over the unbelievable pain you’re feeling. The truth is that even though it’s hard for you to see right now, you can have happiness and love someone else again.

What Does It Mean When a Guy Wants You to Trust Him? Here Is What He Wants When He Says This

Every couple realizes at one point of the relationship or another that trust is very important for it to be a success. In case your guy has been telling you to trust him of late, it could mean that he is beginning to have doubts regarding your love for him or he could also want to give you a message. Here are some tips to figure out why he wants you to trust him.

Why Aren’t You Dating?

This is a summary for men who want to date and don’t have a social circle or dating circle. I talk about 7 things you can do to create social empire and have choices of beautiful women to date.

What Does It Mean When a Guy Tells You He Has Been Thinking of You? Here Is What It Truly Means

There are many ways in which a guy can convey his interest and attraction to a woman. One of them is to tell her that he has found it difficult to get her out of his mind! If your guy has just let you know that he has been thinking of you, then it most probably means that he is trying to tell you that he likes you. However these tips will let you know other reasons as to why he has said it.

Do Flirting Lines Actually Work on Women?

We all know flirting lines like, ‘ So… You come here often?’ or ‘I feel like Richard Gere… standing here next to Pretty Woman’, but do these cheesy pick up lines actually work when it comes to trying to chat up women? Learn exactly what to say to a woman to have her hanging on your every word.

How To Get A Girls Number: Four “Wall Breaking” Tips That Ensures She Gives You Her Phone Number

The competition for women’s affections is tough, as there are so many men vying for their attention… so how can you stand out amongst the crowd in the hopes to get a girls number? Many men take the common approach (and in this case, the wrong one) to get a girls number: they outright ask for it within five minutes of a conversation. Smooth move, you lose!

Cell Phone Personals – Meet Beautiful People Over the Phone

Despite what you may think, all of the beautiful beautiful don’t come out of the woodwork on Friday nights, congregate at beautiful people bars, and only chat with other beautiful people. It may seem that way, but there is a better, hotter, more titillating way to meet beautiful people, like yourself, and it doesn’t even involve leaving the house. The latest craze involves you, your laptop, and your mobile phone. It is called cell phone personals and it is sweeping the nation.

7 Tips on How to Make a Man Want Only You! Now He Will Put All His Attention on You

If you want your guy to think that his world revolves only around you then you need to make him want you. Use these tips on how to make a man only want you and enjoy the undivided attention and love bestowed by your besotted man.

4 Ways On How To Ask For A Woman’s Number

I know many men are finding it very hard to ask for a woman’s number. It really not that difficult and it should not be made over complicated. Here are five simple methods and ways on how to get a woman’s contact number.

Want To Attract A Man? Try Wearing Red!

Red has for ages been connected with being the color of love, but the reason why is not to clear. A new study realizes the color red actually makes adult men more attracted to the women who wear this color.

Tests to Find Out What a Man Really Wants From You! Now You Will Know Everything Right Away

Women are constantly trying to test their men in various ways. If you need to know what your man expects from you, there are plenty of ways to test him. Here are some tactics you can adopt to find out where he is coming from, what are his expectations and what he plans to do about the relationship.

How To Be A Player: Three Tips That’ll Make Other Men Envious and Women Attracted

You’re out having a good time at a local club, spending time with friends and notice another guy who seems to magnetize the beautiful women towards him. You wonder to yourself how in the world he became such a player. What does he have that you don’t? Do you want to learn how to be a player? Believe it or not, it’s not that hard and it’s something already deep inside you. All you have to do is bring it to the surface and you’ll be magnetizing women in no time.

The Benefits of Double Dating on a Blind Date

In the past, people were apprehensive about going out for blind dates. Changes in societal expectations and the way people interact with others has brought about major changes. People are able to go out more and have fun. If you are apprehensive about the prospect, you can opt to go out for double dates. This is where two couples go out together and is highly encouraged for blind dating.

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