The #1 Quality To Look For When Dating A Girl

How To Be A Player: Three Tips That’ll Make Other Men Envious and Women Attracted

You’re out having a good time at a local club, spending time with friends and notice another guy who seems to magnetize the beautiful women towards him. You wonder to yourself how in the world he became such a player. What does he have that you don’t? Do you want to learn how to be a player? Believe it or not, it’s not that hard and it’s something already deep inside you. All you have to do is bring it to the surface and you’ll be magnetizing women in no time.

The Benefits of Double Dating on a Blind Date

In the past, people were apprehensive about going out for blind dates. Changes in societal expectations and the way people interact with others has brought about major changes. People are able to go out more and have fun. If you are apprehensive about the prospect, you can opt to go out for double dates. This is where two couples go out together and is highly encouraged for blind dating.

Effective Use of Body Language When Dating

When it comes to dating, body language plays a very important role. Your body language can determine if you will get the person you are attracted to or not. It is important to learn the right skills and send them to the right men.

Effective Dating Tips for Introverts

Dating poses a big challenge to almost everyone, but for the introvert, this challenge is doubled. This is because the amount of interaction and communication involved in the activity is bound to get this person out of his comfort zone; and this is something he will most likely resist.

Deadly Dating Mistakes You Must Avoid

When people are dating, they make the same mistakes over and over again and fail to understand why relationships do not work out for them. The following are some of the deadliest mistakes that you must avoid.

Dating – What Not to Do

Dating can be very scary, especially if you are going on your first date. It is normal to be anxious about meeting someone new but you need to compose yourself because it determines whether you will get a second date or not. There are a few tips you can use to make things easier when you go on dates.

Dating Tips Men Can Use

If you are a man who has just ended a long relationship or you have never had a real relationship, there are several dating tips you can use to make things easier when you meet new women. One of the main things that a woman looks at the first time she meets a man is how he looks. You need to look good if you want women to take you seriously. Wear clothes that are fitting and well matched.

Dating Series: Dating Tips for Single Mothers

Being a mother is a wonderful experience to have and share. What about if there is no one in the picture to share it with? Or maybe you are a bit shy of coming out of the cocoon into the dating world, and how people are going to take it. Here are a few but very important dating tips that you need to follow while dating in order to be happy, and share the love.

Dating Tips For Shy Guys – How To Catch Her Eyes Without Much Talk

People are easily drawn towards charismatic leaders who are positive and lively. This also applies to dating girls. So, let me share with you a few tips on how to be more positive.

Priorities of Russian Women

Single Russian women are the center of many stories and discussions in the Internet now. They deserved this popularity due to some important features of their own.

Rules About First Dates

You always have to get prepared for a first date with a very hot chick, so make yourself comfortable and think of the following things. There are certain things you should take into consideration because first dates are not as simple as they seem. If you have a lot of interesting things to say, this doesn’t mean that she doesn’t.

Top 5 First Date Mistakes Men Make

So you have a first date with a woman you think is smart, beautiful and confident. Will you make an impression and if so will it be good or bad? Getting through the first few dates is not always easy without blowing it.

The Power Of Humor To Attract A Woman

Teasing a woman and for her to tease back is somewhat considered to be an Art. Many men want to master the art of teasing but they are missing the point. I’m sure you already experience it before where you tried to tease a woman and it totally backfired on you.

Introduction in Driving A Woman’s Addictive Rush

Before we delve into the depths of getting into a woman’s addictive rush, let us first define or explain what is this they call ‘Addictive Rush’. Have you ever had an addiction? Whoa, I am not talking about illegal drugs here.

Dating – How to Ask Them Out

To succeed in dating, your timing has to be right. You need to choose the right time to ask someone out because it can determine whether you will get a positive response or a negative one. The timing may be wrong because of the circumstances in your life at that particular moment.

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