The #1 Test To Give A Girl

Dating As A Vegan In An Omnivorous World

I’d be lying if I said that becoming vegan did not in any way impact my dating life. To the contrary, my relationship stats have significantly declined…

Dating Etiquette Tips For the First Date

Alright, you have managed to get a date, so now everything is easy right? Wrong, far from it, there are few things that need sorting out before you meet your date for the first time. Before you meet your date, many thoughts are going through your mind.

Want to Know the Secret to Meeting Real Thai Women? Skip the Flight and Take a Bus!

So you want to meet a beautiful Thai girl but aren’t much into the late night bar and nightclub scene. Don’t be frustrated as there are many ways to meet a nice Thai girl while traveling. And it can save you a bundle of money. How can you go wrong?!

Pickup Lines To Use On Girls That Work

Okay so we all know some funny pick up lines and really bad cheesy pickup lines, but I get asked quite a bit if there are any pickup lines that work? Well, it depends what you mean by “lines”. Some pickup lines will just never work.

How Can You Tell If Your Man Wants to Be Alone? 7 Ways to Tell This Before You Invest Too Much

Nowadays, more and more men are longing for a woman that is sensitive enough to know his needs and also his wants. One of these needs is the need to be away from you from time to time. Would you be prepared to let him go when he asks for a little freedom? And how can you tell when he’s just about ready to ask?

Most Attractive Men Are Looking For Women With Specific Personality Traits

Do you want to know how to attract an attractive man? Do you know what most attractive men are looking for? How can you be the kind of woman that most attractive men are looking for? Most attractive men have been on enough dates to know exactly what they are looking for. These tips can help you to learn what personality traits they are looking for and which ones they are trying to avoid.

Can’t Get A Date? – How To Break Out Of Your Dating Rut

Do you spend night after night alone? Are you tired of watching everyone around you go out on dates? Do you wonder why it is that you can’t get a date and want to know how you can break out of your dating rut? If you answered yes to these questions, you are not alone. There are many people today that just can’t get a date. Part of this is attributed to our busy lifestyles. Part of it is also due to our lack of human interaction. Hundreds of years ago, people only had one way of meeting people, by talking. This has now become a rare form of communication. However, despite these two obstacles, if you can’t get a date, these tips can help.

New Relationship Advice – Tips For Having A Healthy Relationship

Do you want to know how to give your relationship the best chance at success? Have you had failed relationships in the past? Are you looking for new relationship advice that can help you to have a healthy and lasting relationship? Butterflies in the stomach, countless hours on the phone, arguing about who should hang up first: these are the joys of a new relationship. If only relationships were always this way. Unfortunately, they are not. This is why new relationship advice can help you to know how to keep your relationship healthy and happy for a long time to come.

Things Not to Do When Picking Up Girls in Bars and Nightclubs

  Picking up in bars and nightclubs is always a bit of a hit and miss. Sometimes the most charming one liner will work wonders, and other times the girl will slap you in the face and walk away. Nothing is guaranteed a 100% success rate when it comes to chicks in clubs, but there are a number of things that are guaranteed to not work.

What Goes on in a Man’s Mind Which Makes Him Lose Interest So Easily? Follow These Tips Right Away

Women are often referred to as fickle-minded but its men who get bored faster. So why do some guys suddenly turn cold?

Attracting Girls Easily

If you keep facing trouble attracting girls, then this article will help you get the girls you want attracted to you. This article gives you the secrets to increasing your attractiveness through three easy methods. The most important things you need to take note of is being gentlemanly, daring to socialize and knowledge of good communication.  

Is He Testing You to See If You Love Him? 7 Really Good Ways to Figure Out What He Is Trying to Do

Men and women love to test each other when it comes to their real feelings or intent. Passing these tests is tantamount to having a longer relationship while failing it could spell disaster. If you want to get a hundred percent on these tests, then keep these tips in mind:

Online Dating Should Be an Olympic Sport

The Olympic Games program consists of 26 sports, 30 disciplines and nearly 300 events. It is a global event with monumental interest and cultural significance in our world. As such, I would like to formally submit Online Dating/Dating to the International Olympic Committee for consideration of inclusion as an Olympic sport for the 2012 or 2016 games.

Tips On Attracting Women That Will Give You A Massive Advantage

In a previous article I covered the subject of “Creep Factor” when it comes to the mistakes most men make when trying to meet women. Here are some other somewhat creepy things that guys do when they’re trying to ‘get something started with women’, how to avoid them and start seeing real results with the opposite sex!

Flirting Tips for Guys: Discover the Top Tips to Capturing Her Heart

Flirting is an art, if mastered appropriately, it can be very fruitful for future. Some guys are very good at it, while others can be very lousy with cheeky silly lines that appears more as amusing to women than romantic.

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