The Proper Response When She Ghosts You

How Do I Get Him to Focus on Me Most of the Time? Become a Very Active Part of His Thoughts

If the secret to getting the guy you’ve got your eye on is to make him focus on you, how then do you catch his attention and keep it? First, don’t be an eye sore. You need to take special care about how you look, playing to your strengths, so you’ll be pleasant to focus on.

How to Get Physical With a Guy on the Second Date? Tricks Which Will Make This Real Easy for You

Being a woman, alone, is already a reason for any man to pay attention to you. If you’ve gone out with this man and you’re now on your second date, perhaps, you’d like to take this to the next phase – the physical one. So you’ve conversed and dined on your first date, now what?

How to Phone a Guy and Ask Him Out? Follow This Process If You Need to Get a Good Response

In the past, it’s taboo for women to be the ones asking the guys out. But nowadays, women believe in equality and this extends to the dating world. If you strongly think that you’re a confident, mature woman, then you can easily ask a guy out. But if you’re a bit on the conservative side, perhaps, you could consider phoning him first:

What Words Shall I Use When Asking a Guy Out? Follow These Tips to Get a Positive Response

You’ve got to admit – asking a guy out can be a pretty daunting task for a woman to make! The society expects that men are supposed to be the ones to do the asking. But if you’re a woman who believes in her own charisma and confidence, then you can ask just about any guy out:

Quick Tips on How Not to Approach Hot Women in the Public Bus

Every day you commute to your college, university or office by public bus. And luckily, every other day, you come across some hottie sitting right next to you in the bus. But the question is how to meet women in the goddamn public bus?

How to Become Great at Flirting With Guys & Have the Power to Catch Any Guy? Read These Tips

Are you tired of following Flirting 101 and would like to move a notch higher in order to snag a man? Here are some amazing tips that would classify you as a Pro in flirting in no time!

How to Tell If Your Boyfriend Is Willing to Change for You? Here Is How You Can Easily Know

First, the question is, why do you want your man to change? Did he cheat on you before? Did he lie about his past? Does he have any addictions that he’s struggling with? There could be many reasons why a woman would want her man to be different. Whatever the reason, here are the telltale signs that he’s willing to change just for you:

Are You Dating A Player? How To Avoid Getting Played

Do you think you’re dating a player? Do you want to avoid being his next conquest?

How To Increase Your Confidence With Women In 5 Easy Steps

Just about all projects or goals of any size or importance require several steps over a period of time for you to complete. Projects which are any level of complex take time, preparation and sticking with it through several phases over extended time periods. That is also true about anything like determining to increase your confidence with women. Choosing to increase your confidence with women is not any different. Here’s the way to increase your confidence with women in 5 easy steps.

How to Get What You Want From a Man – Simple Ways to Make Him Want to Please You

All women secretly wish their man lived to please them. It almost seems as though they do in those very early days of the relationship. Your guy was likely poised to do just about anything to get you to love him back then. Now, he doesn’t seem to care one way or another.

How Do I Know If a Man Is Really Flirting With Me Or Just Being Funny? Here Is How to Easily Know

Women are known for their sharp instincts, but if you’re one of the few who can’t seem to decode what a guy is trying to show, then here are seven tips that would make an expert decoder out of you. Follow these and easily figure out if a man is really being flirty with you…

Why Good Guys Finish Last – Or Jerks Get the Best Women!

Have you ever wondered what draws seemingly sensible, attractive, and bright women to guys who are jerks! Here is how it goes.

Tips on How to Pick Up Women in a Bar – The Skill Behind the Art

In this article I reveal what you need to know about picking up women in a bar or a club. Plus general tips on picking up women anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

Dating Mistakes Men Often Make

So you are going on your first date. Are you nervous or excited? If you are, then it is better for you to read this article before meeting her.

Getting An Ex Back Really Is Easy When You Know The Secret

Getting an ex back is pretty simple and there really are no secrets but sometimes we forget who we are and that causes the problem. Do you want to know how you can get your ex back? One of the quickest ways of getting an ex back is to simple be yourself.

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