Turning A Female Friend Into A Lover

How to Know If a Guy Wants to Propose to You? Learn How to Know It Before It Happens

This is a million dollar question that tugs at every girl’s heart. Until the guy actually proposes to you it is difficult to know if he is serious or not about proposing eventually. There are some points that will either give him away or tell you for sure.

Discover How To Be Compatible With Your Boyfriend

We could all make our lives so much easier if we simply picked the right people to be part of our lives. The truth is, other than your family, this really isn’t all that hard to do.

Preparedness Can Help You When It Comes To Approaching Women

Like any other guy, you probably have goals you set for yourself that you plan to achieve in the near future, especially when it comes to dating or approaching women. It may involve dating a hot girl, maybe it involves dating several women; or may even be as simple as to just have a girlfriend.

First Date? How to Make It a Success

The secret of a successful 1st date is a lot simpler than you may think. Learn to make a great impression on your first date (and successful dates).

How to Ask Out a Girl – 3 Killer Strategies To Make It Smooth and Rejection Free

Getting Rejected Sucks. In this Article I’m Going to Give you 3 Solid Strategies to Ease Your Nerves and Increase Your Chances of Scoring the Date!

Internet Dating Guide For A Successful Love Match

It’s true that internet dating offer busy singles-on-the-go a convenient way to find one other online and avoid the nightmarish bar scenes. Here is a useful common-sense guide in using the web to find a love match online successfully.

Knowing How To Flirt Is Very Important

It’s not unusual you want to know how to flirt. Lots of people enjoy this activity because it makes them feel good, regardless if they are looking for a relationship or not. When you flirt you feel special and it also gives you the chance to find that person you may be looking for.

Cougars, Get Those Claws Out

Hot Cougars are on the prowl so watch out you younger minxes. The Older Woman Younger Man is becoming much more common. So, why are they so successful at the game of love?

First Date Tips – You Only Get One Chance At Making A Good First Impression – Do You Know How?

First date tips are probably the most important bits of advice regarding relationships. Getting that first date with a girl you really fancy is the first objective of these first date tips and then how to make sure it goes well so you get a second date and hopefully more.

Secrets Of Attraction – Do You Have That X Factor That Draws Women To You Like A Magnet?

The secrets of attraction are many but start with looking good; the eyes come into play first and sometimes from a distance, certainly before your cologne comes into play. Of course different women like different things and women are, so they say, less concerned with looks and more interested in personality.

What Happens On A Speed Date?

Ever wondered what happens at a night of speed dating? Don’t worry yourself if the night is approaching, here’s how it goes down.

Can Cheesy Pick Up Lines Work To Pick Up Girls?

I guarantee that numerous men throughout the world at this very moment are using corny pick up lines in an attempt to pick up a woman. Sometimes it works, but with girls that have heard it all, it rarely does. If you have tried some of the classic pick up lines or even came up with your own that seemed clever at the time, you may have picked up girl or two, but for the most part you have probably noticed that this approach doesn’t work very well.

Why Do Men Come On So Strong at First?

Why do men come on so strong at first, and then cool off after a few weeks or months? You probably resisted his advances, but he pressed on. You felt it was going too fast, but he assured you his feelings were really strong. And you no sooner gave in, and started to think “This is it!” than he turned around 180 degrees and said things like “I’m not sure,” or “We need to slow it down,” or “I need some space to think.” What’s going on here?

Speed Dating Tips – Can You Make An Impression In The Time Allowed?

Speed dating is a minefield, but it is fun and it can lead to a relationship or a sexy encounter. So here are some speed dating tips to help you on your way, but do develop a thick skin, if you fancy one of the girls like crazy you’re not the only guy there to do so.

Best Places To Meet Women – Is This The Ideal Place To Partner Up?

Of course you can meet women anywhere and at any time; the key to success is to always be ready with something interesting to say so you never let an opportunity pass. That said there are good places to meet women and a few that could be described as the best places to meet women!

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