What Do You Do When She Stops Liking You Out Of Nowhere?

How to Take Your First Date With a Woman to “The Next Level”

Want to take a woman to “the next level” on the very first date? Here are some secrets: Don’t let the date drag on too long. Remember that you’re in charge of the date, and it should go as you plan it.

You Don’t Have to Be Alone! – Dating Tips for Over 40

  Loneliness is suffering from emptiness from inside, because you don’t have someone who can support you emotionally and physically. People who are dating and break up usually suffer from loneliness because the person who left was very special. But you don’t have to be alone.

How To Get Your Man Back – Discover How To Get Your Man Back Overnight In 5 Simple Steps

Discovering how to get your man back is no easy task. Learn how you can get back in your man’s arms with 5 easy steps.

How to Go From Friend to Girlfriend – Be More Mysterious

The fear of rejection can be so huge that it can ruin all your changes of one day going from friend to girlfriend. However, if you manage to build up some courage and tell her how you really feel about her this can either result in a new lover relationship or change your friendship in a negative way forever. The trick here is not to tell her your feelings directly, It’s way too risky. Believe me, attracting a women whether you have known her for 2 hours or been good friends for 10 years must be done using the same principles. The only difference is the duration of the whole process which increases dramatically the longer you have known her.

4 Dating Games Women Play – Meeting Many Women And Tired Of The Dating Games?

Have you met many women and wondered if what they do and how they behave constitutes mind games? Are you perhaps thinking of meeting someone who doesn’t play games and wonder where you can find one like that? Then I wish you good luck. Its not true that all women play games as men think they do.

Why Russian Women Prefer To Have Western Husbands

Western men become the main hope for many Russian women to have a happy family, as western men meet their demands for an ideal husband. You have to try to find your love.

How to Approach Women Without Fear of Rejection – The Truth

Why you Cannot approach women without fear of rejection, and why the fear instinct is so dominant in our bodies. Above all – Learn what you can do to reduce fear and get a hold on yourself.

5 Steps to Attract a Woman

If you want to meet more women, go on more dates, and find a beautiful girlfriend then you have to know how to attract women. Most guys just expect women to come to them, but this very rarely happens. In this article I’m going to give you the basic steps to attract more women.

Why Do Guys Stop Liking Me After A While? Here Is Why It Happens & Learn What to Do About It

Practically all women have been in a relationship in which the man has eventually stopped liking her, and it can seem like this change happens at the drop of a hat. Regardless of what you think, and whether you believe it is his fault or not, there are several things hardwired into a man’s brain that have to be taken into account when you are in a committed relationship. Here are a few ways of knowing how to find out why he stopped liking you.

How to Go From Friend to Girlfriend – Be Manlier

The question “How do I get out of the friend zone with a girl?” is probably something you’ve asked yourself, and others, a lot of times already. Many times in the past, I was in the same situation & dilemma as you are right now of risking losing a friendship to get the girl of my dreams. Overcoming this problem is not simple neither impossible, but like everything in life you learn from your errors. However in this particular case the errors that can occur from turning a friend into a lover can be disastrous, just think how your friendship would be like after you told her how to really feel and to your great distress she does not feel the same toward you.

Top 10 Secrets of Building Your Dating Confidence

Let’s face it – it’s a minefield out there. If you don’t feel your best, or are anxious or nervous about meeting people, this is going to show. Here are my Top 10 tips for building that dating confidence you need to get past the first date and onto things more deep and meaningful…

Reasons Why You Should Date Before Marriage

Young single adults, especially in Africa are even asking about the necessity for dating before marriage. It is important though to state that even when not clearly formalized, some form of dating still take place in these cultures where dating is not emphasized as a way of life. It is not just regarded correctly and taken to the fullest advantage. Spouses, especially the wives-to-be are studied covertly, call it shadow dating.

20 Easy Ways To Start Talking During Dating

Have you been on a date and discovered that you are completely tongue-tied and the only wish in your heart is that something disruptive would happen to end the dating meeting and save you from the looming calamity of a silent uninteresting date activity? The key to escaping this quagmire and having fun during dating is to ask questions.

What to Do If Your Man Is Always Making Fun of You! 7 Things You Should Do Starting Right Now

While it can be great to be in a relationship where you are both able to joke around with each other comfortably, it can also be very difficult as it can be easy to overstep a boundary and hurt someone’s feelings. If you are struggling with your man making fun of you, you don’t have to take it. There are a few things you can do in order to deal with his behavior.

10 Crucial Do’s and Dont’s of Flirting In Today’s eWorld

Communication is so easy these days that if you are dating and you are not careful, this ease of communication way well cause you problems you didn’t forsee. Here are the do and don’ts of the eWorld – text, instant messaging, Facebook, email, Twitter…

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