What Men Want More Than Sex

7 Signs He Wants to Propose But He Is Scared To! Here Is How to Know What’s Really on His Mind

Too often men take their own time to propose and this makes women go crazy with worry and anxiety thinking that they are going to be left high and dry. There are certain signs to look for if you want to know if he wants to propose or not. Here are some excellent tips that will aid you in knowing the truth about your guy.

How Can I Get My Girl Back? Follow These Tips

Breaks up can be tough for everyone involved. One person within the relationship will move on a lot faster than the other–potentially into a rebound relationship. Either way, moving on is a huge possibility an ex has to face. If you were wondering “How will I get my girl back”, there’s definitely a few ways to go about it.

What to Do When Your Man Makes Himself Difficult to Handle? 7 Things You Shouldn’t Miss Here

Are you frustrated and angry at your man because of his behavior? Has he been acting childish and stubborn of late? There could be many reasons for this and it is up to you to try and find out why he is behaving in this manner and is being so difficult. Here are some tips that will help you deal with the problem in a mature manner.

Getting Back an Ex – Some Simple Tips to Remember

Getting back with an ex can be a source of tremendous relief or tremendous heartache. Determining which one it will be for you all depends on how you play your cards. It is important to remember what caused the break-up in the first place, and imperative that you take the time for some soul searching in order to be prepared to make the necessary changes.

2 Tips to Having a Great Double Date

Singles taking advantage of double dating can be valuable for any single women or man. Here are two easy tips to ensure your next double date is exciting and successful!

How To Get Your Girl Back Again – 5 Things Not To Do!

Don’t make these five “relationship killer” mistakes! Get your girl back by being strong and smart and the sexy will follow!

When a Guy Feels Protective Does It Mean He Loves You? Learn the True Meaning Behind This

When a man is in love with his girl he undergoes several behavioral changes, just to impress his girl. However, some of the qualities that he may display might not always be for your good. Being protective could mean a lot of things and here are some examples of what he means.

Online Dating and Technology – What’s Appropriate Cell Phone Etiquette?

Everyday in our modern day and age, technology is playing a vital role in our lives. This same technology could either enhance or hurt your dating and relationships!

Why Men Lose Interest So Easily? Read These 7 Vital Things to Learn Why This Happens & What to Do

Women are sometimes baffled and puzzled as to why a man who seemed to be so much in love has suddenly cooled off and lost interest! There could be a thousand reasons as to why this could happen. Here are some of the most common reasons why your man has lost interest so quickly in you.

The Uncomplicated Way To Korean Dating Online!

There are actually a huge selection of dating and relationships websites on the Internet. Cost-free Korean dating online sites assist singles find matching partners and step right into a new relationship, regardless of whether it’s a casual relationship, a serious relationship or a long term relationship.

The Art of the Inner-View

Mastering the art of the inner-view is worth every effort; slowing down, taking time to get to know someone and asking the tough questions, waiting to see if someone’s answers are revealed in their actions, remembering all the while that real love cannot be negotiated and great relationships begin within. And why not? What better investment is there when it comes to the real thing; authentic connection, the foundation for a loving, lasting relationship? Unless you’re convinced posturing, playing games and being insincere in an effort to gain power or avoid being hurt is the way to go.

Modern Dating Is It for You?

Dating has really come a long way since before. Now these days there are plenty of ways to meet new people. The internet has made it easier than ever to try and find someone for everyone. They have so many dating sites that with a few pictures and conversations you will be dating in no time.

How To Ask A Girl Out By Text – The 5 Rules That Guarantee You Get The Date

There’s a science you can apply to guarantee she says yes. Don’t text her until you’ve read this 5 step formula…

How to Go From Friend to Girlfriend – Showing Your Alpha Side

The question “How to go from friend to girlfriend?” is probably something you’ve asked yourself, and others, a lot of times already. Don’t worry I’ve also asked myself the same question several times in the past. In the end, it all narrows down if it is worth the risk to tell her how you feel and lose her trust and destroy the friendship that you have worked for such a long time. Don’t do the usual mistakes that guys do to try seducing their friends like be nice, buy gifts and being her puppy. If it worked you wouldn’t be reading this. If you really want to have the girl of your dream, you don’t have to use a secret ninja cheat, you only have to change a few things in your life. Here is one tip that will greatly increase your changes of doing the transition of friend to girlfriend one day.

How to Make Him Call You More Often? 7 Ready to Use Tricks Which Will Make Him Call You More Often

If you are pretty upset because your boyfriend does not call you as often as you would like him to do, then there are some steps you could take to make him get on the phone and call you without being too demanding. The trick is to motivate him into calling you. Here are some ways to do that.

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