Who Plays More Games…Men Or Women?

Do The Words Get My Girlfriend Back, I Must Get My Girlfriend Back! Haunt Your Dreams?

Every game a woman plays is done to bring out that sleeping giant of a man in you! To get her back, and stop the “get my girlfriend back” dreams you must use your brains, not your brawn!

How to React When a Guy Plays Emotional Games With You? Here Are the Tips You Must Use Right Now

Men and their mind games – they’re inseparable because they’re pretty good at them! Millions of women have already felt stupid all because they can’t solve the mystery that is their man. Think of all those times when he said that he’d call you then you’d just spend the day waiting for that elusive call! So how should you react when he’s playing his emotional games with you?

You Don’t Have To Be A Jerk To Attract Women

They say girls are attracted to jerks. Is that true?

Why Do Men Play Mind Games? Now You Will Know Why Men Tend to Play With a Woman’s Emotions

Men are best known for playing mind games that leave women feeling frustrated or mad. Reading his mind is probably one of the hardest things that you could ever do. In order to decode what’s inside his head, it’s best to know the reasons why he does this…

Dating Through an Economic Meltdown

The world as we know it has changed forever. With the economic meltdown, frequent government bailouts and mega corporations going bankrupt, things are changing so fast our heads and our world is in a perpetual tail spin. One thing I can guarantee, your life has changed forever. What about your dating life?

Useful Tips For Dating Younger Women

Lots of guys over thirty are searching for younger women. Commonly, men aren’t sure about how to proceed, if the goal is to be date a younger women they might need some advice in order to succeed.

How Do You Know When a Man Is Going to Propose? Now You Will Know When He Will Pop the Question

Men normally start behaving a little differently when they are about to propose to a woman. If you have been in your relationship for long enough for your man to make this move then here are some signs that can help you figure out that your man is going to propose to you.

Top 7 Tips That Can Help You Choose Your Life Partner

How do you choose your life partner? I’ve gone through this, and that’s why I want to share some of the tips that actually worked for me.

Steps To Dating In The Disposable Economy

Dating, business and the economy have more and more in common: computers, cell phones, delete buttons and instant gratification. In the online dating world, you can browse thousands of prospects, send messages of interest, get replies and even meet. But, just as fast as you can move your scroll bar and click, you have another choice and another – an endless array of prospects.

Attract a Woman Who Has a Boyfriend – Sneaky Ninja Ways To Get The Girl Who Has A Guy Already

This is one area where it come down to your personal morals. Stealing another guy’s girl can be a dangerous thing sometimes and does carry its risk so be advised. Unless your a total beast like I’m sure you are then you can give rats about the other guy an get the girl.In this article you’ll learn how to attract a woman who has a boyfriend and be super ninja while you do it.

Do You Always End Up Messing Your Relationships With Men? If Yes! Follow These Tips Right Now

There are plenty of reasons why women lose the man of their dreams. If you want to know what it is that you keep doing to mess up your relationships, take a look at these signs and see if they pertain to you! Get rid of them and you will start being successful with your men.

Online Dating First Email – How To Get A Great Response Rate From Your Internet Dating Intro Email

Online dating first emails gives your reader a chance to get to know you. This article describes a simple method to get a much better response rate from your online dating email.

What If One Decides To Date More Than One Girl?

This question which would in some cultures appear to be begging and obvious issue, is a major concern for young single adults in Africa and some parts of the world. The reason is kind of cultural and denotes social developmental levels. In some cultures, when a young single man is seen with a young single woman, everybody draws conclusion that they are getting married. Some jump the gun to start calling them husband and wife. This practice must have been around long enough for even the young single adults when they have enough chemistry or reason to get going together even for only two occasions, begin to see themselves as such.

So You Speak English But Your Girlfriend Doesn’t!

How can you have or even begin a relationship with a woman who doesn’t speak your language? The simple answer is that you can’t. Long distance relationships are difficult enough without the added complication of you and your Russian girlfriend being unable to speak over the telephone!

How to Turn Her From Friend Into a Girlfriend

Have you developed feelings for a female friend, or did you end up in the friend zone with your hot date by accident? While it is certainly more difficult to make a friend into a girlfriend, there is a chance of it happening if you go about it the right way. Just, whatever you do, do not tell her how you feel about her without first leading up to it, or otherwise she will most certainly think you are just being silly.

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