Why Splitting The Bill Is A Bad Thing

7 Signs a Guy Is Nervous About Marriage! Here Is How to Know What’s Really on His Mind

When men are nervous about marriage and are not ready to commit they send out certain signals. Here are some signs that suggest that your man is nervous about marriage and is not ready to take the big leap.

7 Signs He Definitely Likes You! You Won’t Be Confused About His Level of Interest in You Anymore

It will not be long before you’re able to see that he definitely likes you. There are signs galore to prove to you that he does like you. So just watch out for those signs and be happy within yourself that this guy likes you for sure.

How To Attract Girls Using 3 Proven Tips

Looking to find out how to attract girls? You are definitely not the only one. That’s why I wrote this article, to share what I’ve learned picking up girls in the field so you know what 99% of guys don’t so you can find out how to attract girls anywhere anytime any place.

7 Steps to Bring Him Close Again When He Is Losing Interest! It’s Important That You Know This

When your man’s interest in you begins to fade you first blame your looks. While it could be a trigger, there is a lot more to a relationship than just looks. If you feel that your man is losing interest in you here are things that you could do apart from changing the way you look to see your relationship change for the better.

Did the Phone Ring?

You currently have a serious problem on your hands! This guy promised you that he would call, but you haven’t heard a peep from him since you gave him your number. At first, you were thinking that he might just be playing the three-day rule where you can’t call because you can’t show the other person you’re too interested. So you allow it because the three-day rule is a tradition we’ve all learned to accept.

How to Get Your Ex Back – The 3 Most Important Crucial Steps You Need to Get Your Ex Back

You are reading this article because your relationship with your spouse is about to break up or has already broken up and you are asking “how to get ex back”? This article will show you some crucial steps you must take if you want to recover your relationship.

The Power of Seduction – How to Draw Ladies and Succeed in the Adventure of Love

Let’s face it. Even when most of us are around looking for genuine love, there are a few occasions when all we desire is to seduce a woman and get her in bed. No responsibilities, no swapping of “I do,” and nothing more than just a good lay. Many fellas are good in accomplishing that with ease, whereas quite a few struggle in the art of picking up females.

What Kind Of Girls Do Guys Like?

It is the same for guys as it is for girls. For the most part, one guys taste in women will differ from another guy. But exactly what kind of girls do guys like?

How to Make Him Open Up When He Is Being Too Difficult to Handle? 7 Tricks You Need to Know

Men by nature are not secretive and generally are quite open about their feelings and views in a relationship. However, like every thing else in life there are some exceptions and if you are one that has a man that does not quite reveal his feelings and his take on issues then do the following.

Effective Ways to ‘Attract Beautiful Girls’

There are always occasions when you sit down and question what to do to attract beautiful girls. It is easier to be a true gentleman than it is to be a “cool” man. You can count on the fact that if a girl feels like she really matters to you she will go for you much faster than if she thinks you just want to use her for some entertainment.

Are You Obsessing Over a Guy?

You can’t eat or sleep, you think about him constantly. You spend your time watching you phone. You think about where he is at, what is he doing and why hasn’t he called. No matter how hard you try, you can’t get him out of your head.

Are You Still Allowing Past Hurt To Prevent You From Attracting Your Man? (Part 1)

Are you apprehensive about allowing yourself to derive pleasure from attracting a man of your dreams in a deeply caring relationship? In that case, would the cause be anything to do with emotional pains or a lack of self-confidence? It is highly possible that these two issues are connected somehow.

Open for Dates 24-7? Take Time Off – And Increase Your Chances of Success!

If by now you’ve devoted your entire free time to be on “the dating scene”, meet someone and develop a relationship but haven’t succeeded yet, isn’t it time to take some time off and change your approach? Stop the dating-race and take time to invest in yourself? Develop Self-Awareness, get to understand why you haven’t succeeded until now, change what needs to be changed – and then proceed to date again?

How To Deal With Being Divorced Through Dating

Divorce is dreadful, period. If you’ve just been through a divorce or are in the heart of it, you’re going through a lot. You need to reflect here about being a divorced man and at the same time dating new women.

How to Make a Man Need You More Than You Need Him? 7 Ways to Make This Happen Real Fast

To call all the shots in the relationship you will have to drastically alter the dynamics of the relationship. To do this you will have to prove to your man that his need for you is greater than your need. Now, how do you do this difficult task? Well, it is not easy but definitely worth a try. However, the result will depend on how hard you try and how much perseverance you have. Here is what needs to be done.

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