Why Women Have Sex Part 2

4 Reasons for Developing Strong Dating Abilities

Developing strong dating and social abilities is one of the most beneficial things we can do for ourselves. By nature we are social creatures and nearly all of us crave deeper human connection. We overlook the true importance of developing these habits and we only see the surface.

How To Know That Your Man Will Propose

This article tells you the things to watch out for for you to rest assured that your man has plans to take you down the aisle. The facts are succinctly stated and here’s hoping we all learn something new from it.

Does He Really Want a Future With Me? Know If He Is Ever Going to Commit to You Or Not

Predicting the future is impossible, and that can be maddeningly difficult for a lot of women to accept as they try to figure out whether or not their guy has a vested interest in a long term relationship. Does he work at fixing the “cracks”? Lack of trust is one of the most harmful things that can happen to a relationship, and if your man is taking time to fix the trust problems in your lives together, he is set on keeping you around in the future.

4 Reasons Why She Does Not Call You Back

You may be wondering why the girl you met last night did not call you back despite of all your attempts. Let me give you some insights about the possible reasons.

Kiss Any Girl You Want – Revealing How To Kiss A Girl!

Discover how to kiss any girl. This article reveals effective techniques how to get that kiss!

How to Know If a Guy Will Miss You If You Provide Him With Some Space! Read These Tips Right Now

The common perception states that separation increases attraction, but it is not always true if you do not take the proper steps to helping your man miss you. Taking women for granted is incredibly easy in the mind of a man, especially if he has been in a relationship for a while. However, once he goes away and starts to see all of the wonderful tasks you perform to make his life easier, he will miss you deeply.

How to Break Up With Your Sugar Baby

This is touchy, because it is not easy to break a relationship anyway, whether its  a real life one or a sugar one. You would think that it is easy to break off a sugar relationship since it is by definition an arrangement, that is, no strings attached. And that of course is understood from the beginning of the relationship.

How To Meet Russian Women And Why Do Men Want Russian Women For Brides?

Men have been actively looking for Russian Women for brides for many years. This is not about to change now. How to meet Russian Women for brides have been a journey that many have been willing to take no matter the expense.

The Mindset for Picking Up Girls in Bars

Guys go to bars hoping to pick up girls. It’s often their number one goal. Truth be told they often leave alone way more than they get lucky.

7 Rules Of The Dating Game

It is a well considered opinion that the best approach to dating is to see it as a game. All games have rules. From the traditional to the professional games of all shades and colors, rules are at the base of its enjoyment. The dating game is not left out. In fact, knowing the dating game rules and playing by it is a sine quo non for success in dating.

4 Very Annoying First Date Conversation Topics

First dates are like a high wire balancing act at the local circus, trying to keep an even keel with both chemistry and conversations. We have put together 4 common first date conversation topics that can be total turn offs!

How to Go From Friend to Girlfriend – Being Her Therapist

Generally at some point in his life, a man will come across one of the most difficult relationship problems known to man. Being in love with your close friend is a difficult and horrible situation to be into. Usually guys in this situation try all sorts of tactics to do the transition from friend to girlfriend but most of the time they fail.

Dating – Time To Build Friendship

The time to establish friendship in the relationship chain is during dating. This is appropriate given that the basic qualities of friendship – supporter, helper – contain elements of sacrifice which the tender periods of courtship and marriage would not be able to bear.

How to Stay Safe With Online Dating

The best online dating website is hard to find especially when there are too many scam sites that are trying to attract you with fascinating looking sites and pictures. This article will tell you how to avoid them and where to find the best online dating website on the web.

How To Get Her To Like You More By Text Messaging

There are many ways to be romantic and some of them are easier than others. Sending romantic and flirty text messages is one of the easiest ways to show your love and get her to like you more.

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