Women Find This Habit Disgusting #datingadvise #whatwomenwant #selfimprovement

In the realm of dating advice and self-improvement, one habit tends to consistently repel women: a habit they find utterly disgusting. Embarking on a journey to understand what women truly desire, it becomes essential to delve into this topic. By exploring the reasons behind this repulsion, both men and women alike can gain valuable insights into forging healthier relationships. So, what is this habit that women find so repugnant? Let’s explore further in this blog post.


In the world of dating and relationships, understanding what women want can be a daunting task for men. However, there are experts out there who dedicate their time and skills to help men navigate the complexities of attracting and understanding women. One such expert is Tripp Advice, a renowned dating coach known for his informative and engaging videos. In this article, we will dive into a review of a video created by Tripp Advice, exploring his unique approach to dating advice and how it can help men improve their relationships with women.

Heading 1: Tripp Advice’s Approach to Dating Advice

Tripp Advice takes a personalized approach to dating advice, offering 1-on-1 coaching sessions to help men with their specific dating challenges. This tailored approach allows him to address individual concerns and provide customized strategies for success.

Heading 2: Tripp Advice’s Online Presence

Tripp Advice encourages viewers to subscribe to his YouTube channel, where he regularly uploads informative and entertaining videos on various dating topics. By subscribing, individuals gain access to a wealth of knowledge that can transform their dating lives.

Heading 3: Connecting with Tripp Advice

Apart from YouTube, Tripp Advice can be connected with on popular social media platforms such as TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Following him on these platforms enables individuals to stay updated with his latest content and engage in conversations around dating and relationships.

Heading 4: Tripp Advice’s Podcast

For those more inclined to auditory learning, Tripp Advice hosts a podcast on how to talk to girls. This podcast is available on Apple and Spotify, allowing individuals to learn valuable dating tips and insights while on the go.

Heading 5: Alternative Ways to Learn from Tripp Advice

Tripp Advice provides multiple avenues for individuals to learn from him. In addition to his videos and podcast, he offers a free gift to his subscribers. This added value ensures that individuals receive a comprehensive learning experience.

Heading 6: Magnetic eBook

Tripp Advice has also authored an ebook called “Magnetic,” which delves deeper into the art of attraction. This resource offers practical advice and actionable steps for individuals to incorporate into their dating lives, helping them become more magnetic and appealing to women.

Heading 7: Business Inquiries and Collaboration

Tripp Advice is open to business inquiries and collaborations with other professionals in the dating and self-improvement industry. This openness to collaboration reflects his dedication to providing the best possible resources and guidance to his audience.

Heading 8: Joining the TA Community

Tripp Advice encourages individuals to join the TA Community, a supportive network of like-minded individuals who are on a journey to improve their dating lives. Being a part of this community allows individuals to connect with others, share experiences, and receive ongoing support and guidance.


Tripp Advice’s video offers invaluable insights into the habits that women find disgusting. With his personalized coaching, engaging videos, podcast, ebook, and active presence on social media platforms, Tripp Advice provides individuals with a comprehensive learning experience to enhance their dating lives. By incorporating his advice and strategies, men can improve their understanding of what women want and achieve greater success in their relationships.


  • Q: How can I connect with Tripp Advice for 1-on-1 coaching?

    • A: To connect with Tripp Advice for personalized coaching, you can reach out to him through his website or social media platforms.
  • Q: Where can I find Tripp Advice’s free gift?

    • A: Tripp Advice offers a free gift to his subscribers. To access it, simply subscribe to his YouTube channel and follow the instructions provided.
  • Q: Can I find Tripp Advice’s podcast on platforms other than Apple and Spotify?

    • A: Currently, Tripp Advice’s podcast on how to talk to girls is available on Apple and Spotify. It may be expanded to other platforms in the future.
  • Q: How can I obtain Tripp Advice’s ebook, “Magnetic”?

    • A: Tripp Advice’s ebook, “Magnetic,” can be obtained through his website. Visit his website and follow the instructions to access the ebook.
  • Q: Is Tripp Advice available for speaking engagements or collaborations?

    • A: Yes, Tripp Advice is open to business inquiries and collaborations. If you have a speaking engagement or collaboration proposal, you can reach out through his website or social media platforms.